Vite Community Survey Results (July 2018) — Part 1

Although our main focus will always be on the technology, we here at Vite know how essential it is to have a solid community in this space to help realize our vision of “creating something cool”! Back towards the end of July, we decided to ask some of our community members to fill out a survey in order to get more in touch with everyone as well as some feedback on how we are doing.

Here are the parameters of this report:

  • Community members reading our Medium post could request to participate in the survey. 100 were randomly selected.
  • As an incentive, 50 Vite was given to the survey-takers for their time (with one random survey taker to be rewarded 500 Vite)

Here are the some of the results:

1. What country do you live in now?

(Note: includes 7 from the Russian and 9 from the Vietnamese surveys)

Top 5 result

Altogether, we had participants from 31 countries.

2. Where did you hear about Vite?

Top 5 result

3. What do you see as the top two strengths of Vite?

Top results

Comments: We were curious what the top results would be. It is good to know that the strong technical background and seeming genuine and reliable stand out. As the project progresses, we will reinforce these facts through execution and delivery.

Interesting comments: al***** “Fun community activities such as live AMA quizzes, in-telegram quizzes, and video contests, The fun community activities brings people in, and stay participated. Can’t say this about other projects.”

bu***** “Everything is very clear and well explained in the whitepaper.”

Great to hear what makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside — now the goal is to try to get as many people as possible to feel that same way.

4. What do you see as the top two weaknesses of Vite?

Top results

Comments: In the survey, this was probably the most important question we had. Prior to sending out the survey, we were not too surprised about the comments in regards to our Community Rewards program (as it is the main way we are able to actually interact with our fans). The intent was to do our best at identifying those who truly believe in the project — apart from those who are simply “gem hunters” looking for free money. Our first few events required you to pay close attention to our Telegram Announcement Channel and forced you to be at your computer/phone at a certain time… and even then, you were still not guaranteed to win anything. We do realize these events were frustrating for some people — our first event after receiving some of this feedback, we did decide to extend the time frame of our ICODrops Quiz. We will continue to fine tune our airdrop process — start focusing on more bounty-based and non-time sensitive activities. That being said — we will continue to hold true our thesis for these airdrops: the requirement to learn about our project and the result is not just mindless spam.

No news about being listed on a top-notch exchange: this survey was sent before the announcement of listing on OKex. We will not issue any statement in regards to other exchanges other than pointing to the fact that one of the last questions on the survey was “what exchanges do you use?”

Not enough social influencer coverage: we are constantly looking for additional coverage as we feel that social influencers play a big role in the blockchain space as a whole. We will especially push for more coverage after we hit certain technical benchmarks.

Technology seems difficult to deploy: we are working on various projects geared to have the more casual investor have an easier time understanding what Vite is trying to accomplish and how we are going to get there. Most of us are geeks and have to be reminded to do this.

Interesting Comment: j***** wrote: “The quizzes made me feel dumb. People on telegram complained a lot afterwards. Vite appeared to ignore their complaints”

A lot of work goes into the quizzes and we do take the complaints to heart (most of them). Regardless — we do realize that perception matters a lot in building a community and I think rewarding more people for participation could help. Blockchain projects aren’t the most easy subjects to understand however, so we will focus a lot of our efforts in simplifying our message in a way that we can get people excited in the project by making it easier to learn (and in the end — help people make an educated decision if they interested in investing).

5. Did you participate in any airdrops for Vite?

Top results

Comments: Maybe not the greatest question given how the survey-takers actually had to sign up to take the survey (and probably most likely the ones who participated in an event). Anyways, some of the free response replies were good — stating that some of the quizzes were a little confusing/sounded too hard/would induce an increased heart-rate, etc. Definitely take all the responses to into consideration in the future.

(To be continued)