Vite Community Survey Results (July 2018)— Part 2

Please refer to the previous article: Vite July Survey Results — Part 1

6. Where do you get additional information from Vite?

Comments: Responses were not too surprising. We will definitely continue to provide solid content to keep everyone up-to-date via our blog posts on Medium.

7. How do you feel about the live AMA interview videos?

Comments: That’s great that it looks like the majority of people enjoy the AMA’s. There was some good feedback from the free response responses — such as several stating that the AMA’s were too long and some recommending that Vite create its own YouTube content. With that, I think we could look into giving a short and concise explainer video… something more attune to an elevator pitch (we are also working on a more casual “light” paper, by the way).

Interesting Comments: j*** “There is a lot of good information there, and I like watching them, The team is very smart and capable. However, like a lot of intelligent groups, the team appears to lack empathy.”

We think it is an observation we will really take to heart, as we think that we sometimes get lost in the technical aspects and forget the fact that what makes the crypto space special is that it is meant to be accessible to everyone.

ze***”I do not watch AMA videos, but would rather read press releases and FAQs” We will get on it!

8. What method(s) of communication do you most prefer to keep up to date on Vite?

Comment: Actually a little surprised at the Email Newsletter response over Medium and Twitter — we will get on top of that.

9. What are some of your favorite Social Influencers and News Sources?

Comment: That ICO Drops website is rather popular…. Bitcoin Addict is pretty strong in Thailand I see….

10. What do you like and dislike about our bi-weekly progress reports (published on Medium)?

Interesting Comments: ma*** “I think, the progress reports are very important to keep the community up-to-date about the developing process.”

mo*** “Many projects disappoint their community by giving no news at all. I believe regular updates are crucial to the success of any project so I enjoy keeping up to date with development”

General consensus is that people really enjoy the Medium updates. We will try to try to stay prolific in creating these, as well as stay on point while keeping them relevant and interesting.

11. What should Vite do differently than what it’s already doing to be a more successful project?

Common replies dealt with getting on more exchanges, increase the airdrops and make them available to all who participated. A couple responses said that they do not like the airdrop and all it does is create a fake community. I think some of the most valuable feedback was that we need to do a better job at simplifying our message and highlighting what makes us stand from all of the other projects — and to build a more tech-orientated community (I like those suggestions).

Interesting Comments: du*** “More easily explained project and future, some kind of lightweight Whitepaper for noobs 😊” Good suggestion — we will let everyone know what it’s done.

j**e@ori*** “It is very important to build an ecosystem of developers around your product. Like NEO has CoZ and ETH has EEA\Consensys etc… It might be too early to build one but it is a must!”

You are correct… we can build the greatest highway, but what’s the point if there are no cars? True, it is early and time will tell- but we are working hard to plot out and execute these kinds of partnerships to grow our ecosystem (and not create fake ones out of thin air). We feel like we have the dev team that will attract and foster this growth.

12. Gender

13. What is your age range?

Comments: We were just curious. Based on the questions we gave for our survey — could not identify any particular trends other than only one female between the age of 19–25.

Thanks for everyone who participated in our Survey — your feedback is really valuable in that gaining some insight into our community will really help us develop ideas in creating a space that people will enjoy and can learn about our project. Even since this survey was released, we’ve released tons of new announcements, got listed on a major exchange and the landscape of crypto has evolved SIGNIFICANTLY (yes, crypto does not sleep). We will probably do another one of these in the future just to get a pulse on how everyone is doing and gauge the response we get when we put some of your feedback to work!