Vite Bi-weekly Report

August 1–15 2018


We have made significant progress in early August.

  1. Our engineering team expand to 20 people.
  2. The Silicon Valley team continues to grow.
  3. We now have 30 WeChat groups operated by community members.
  4. We became strategic partner of MXBank.
  5. We announced the release of the demo version of the block explorer and wallet.

Team Development

  • New hires include 1 IOS engineer, 1 architect, and 1 researcher. The engineering team is now 20 people strong.
  • The North American R&D center led by former IBM seasoned technical expert Allen is actively being formed.
  • The Silicon Valley team continues to market our products to the overseas community.
  • The Beijing team has moved into the new office and is actively performing system development.

Development Progress


  • Completed the development of go-vite fork processing logic.
  • Completed virtual machine research, design and interface definition.
  • Completed compiler-related technical research and functional definition of the first edition.
  • Designed and optimized the book synchronization logic to improve synchronization efficiency.
  • On the basis of the first edition, the research and design of the P2P network optimization scheme was completed.

Vite wallet

  • Optimized Vite desktop wallet 0.0.1 interaction. 90% completed on UI display, test and bug fix.
  • Optimized the multi-process processing mechanism of desktop version.
  • Wallet supports version updating.

Block Explorer

  • Completed all functional development of the block explorer (demo version)
  • Optimized front-end architecture to reduce package size by 43%
  • Optimized web page performance: adding component cache and client side cache


  • Started the US Patent Application for Snapshot Chain Technology
  • Two upcoming products: We have completed the development of demo version of block explorer and wallet, and have moved to integrated testing phase. These two products will be released on August 23rd.

Community Building

  • The LoveVite video event received enthusiastic support from the community, and we received videos from fans all over the world. Retweets numbered in the thousands; we announced the top 100 active videos and winners with top 10 number of retweets; the official video is in the process of production. The video will be released in the near future.
  • Our 100-person survey in overseas communities has seen participation from 31 countries. More than 30% of them have learned about Vite through ICO Drops. They think that Vite’s two biggest advantages are technical excellence and team reliability.
  • On July 31st, the community manager bounty program was launched for the WeChat community (in China). On August 14th, we completed the voting process for promotion of community manager interns, and they will start creating new WeChat groups. Currently, we have 18 groups run by community members. We have also set up a number of technical communities to cultivate more blockchain developers and form basis for the Vite ecology in the future.


  • Vite COO Richard conducted an online interview with Australian influencer BlockchainBrad, which has 19,000 fans on the Youtube channel. He is also a supporter of Vite. In the interview, Richard updated the audience about our technology, team, the progress of partnerships and the listed exchanges.
  • Our business development manager Chris Li was invited to participate in a series of Silicon Valley blockchain activities, including the following:
  • Distributed 2018 is a blockchain conference organized by BTC, Consensys, and Wanxiang with 2000+ attendees. Chris joined this event and went to a private presentation by Wanxiang. Feng Xiao, the head of Wanxiang blockchain labs, gave a speech about his opinion on blockchain industry, especially public chains.
  • Bumo’s Meetup in Silicon Valley, with the theme of token economy, an Ethernet-based design system to increase the fairness of the pass.
  • SYNC held Decode innovation conference in Mountain View (the city where Google headquarters is located) with more than 500 participants.


  • On August 8, Vite announced the strategic investment to digital asset bank MXBank, marking the first step in Vite’s ecosystem layout. Vite and MXBank have reached the following strategic cooperation: Vite as the infrastructure chain will provide MXBank with public chain related technical support to help its future landing on Vite. Meanwhile, Vite Labs’ Director of Incubation will also join the MXBank founding team to accelerate the project development. Vite Token will also be one of MXBank’s first supported digital assets, and MXBank’s global market expansion will help Vite Token’s global circulation.