ViteX Economic Model: Round 1 Vote Results!

The results for the first round of voting on the ViteX economic model are officially released! There were nearly 100 users who participated and the results have been tabulated below:

Last voting link:

In summary, based on the above results, the latest version of ViteX will reflect the following changes:

Rate Levels: 0.4% and 0.25%

Staking Quantity for Additional 1% Deduction: 10,000 VITE

Staking duration: 30 days

As always, we appreciate your suggestions and feedbacks on ViteX. The rate, as well as other topics, will be open for further discussion after the beta version of the exchange is released.

It is also important to mention that the determined rates are not permanent, and may be altered according to the combined interests of VX holders and regular traders, the inherent value of VX and whether the alteration will benefit Vite ecosystem.

We recently launched another vote to gather feedback regarding the community’s proposal on ViteX’s economic model and its shared pool parameters. The voting period is still open and everyone is welcome to vote! Hit the link below and let us know your thoughts!

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