Updated swap announcement

Dear community members we have some good news. In order to make the swap process more efficient and to give you all a chance to stake your Vites, we would like to start the swap process immediatly!

We will swap manually, due to the fact that the Vites chain is at risk. An earlier chain that was finished before we announced the swap had been hacked. For this reason, we had to start all over with the development.

In order to swap, make sure that you have downloaded the new wallet. 
MacOs is currently not supported (update about this soon). This announcement only applies to Windows- and Linux users!

Waves platform will support the swap. The address of your new wallet needs to be included as an attachment when sending the transfer to the Vites swap address. To complete the manual swap process, follow the video tutorial step-by-step. VERY IMPORTANT!!
 If people do not add attachments like outlined in the tutorial, your Vites will be returned.

More good news! In about 1 week, the new coin can be traded on Stocks.Exchange. More info about listing will follow!

Swap wallet Waves address: 3PHnK1i3UvhptESZMC7e2jYPz3Pgnet4Bc4 Send your Vites ONLY to this address.

The wallets can be downloaded from our website: https://www.vites.io/#wallets

In order to promote a fresh start among the Vites community, we have created a new Telegram channel: www.t.me/VitesOfficial
Please join the new official Telegram!

*The deadline for the swap is 30th of September 2018. Please note that the absence of the Mac wallet does not change anything at the end date of the swap. The Mac wallet is still under development and there are enough interim alternatives to store your Vites in the meanwhile.

We kindly ask our community to start staking in order to make the chain safe and more efficient!

Author: Daniyal

Image: Shof