VITES is a new cryptocurrency project forged through the ambitions of experienced cryptocurrency advocates. The VITES leadership fosters a communal atmosphere in order to focus development on collective needs, but this leadership was a recent requisition by the community. So, what happened to the original development team?

Around the middle of June 2018, the VITES development team experienced hardships and members of the community stepped up to take the reigns. Three original developers were coordinating the development of VITES when tragedy struck — one of the three developers passed away. This misfortune resulted in a snowball effect, causing the remaining developers to leave the project.

Three of the community members who were already significantly involved with the project offered to take over the development of VITES and steer the project toward success. Jelmer, Future and Lorenzovski had the foresight and desire to take the helm of the project’s progress and formally stepped in as the project managers. Ever since; the VITES project has been back on track to realizing its objectives.

VITES Aspirations

VITES aims to introduce a digital economy based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This digital economy will be comprised of an online marketplace where users are able to transact in a multitude of methods. With the launch of the VITES platform, security and convenience will be available at our fingertips.

Blockchain technology has enabled individuals to regain control of their finances and information due to the security and anonymity associated with cryptocurrencies. VITES intends to take this technological feat one step further, enabling the world to transact online within the VITES platform. Resembling a fusion between Fiverr and the blockchain, VITES offers an online marketplace where users can purchase and sell anything from personal services to cutting-edge products.

VITES Platform Features

The VITES platform marketplace offers an assortment of options for you to conduct your business online.

The VITES platform comes with a full job market with a variety of different types of work to offer or perform.

Job Market:

  • Microtasks — Small jobs that need to be performed frequently, for example, surveys, social media shares, contest votes, etc. Microtasks usually don’t require specialized skills, qualifications, or experience. These tasks are open for all to complete.
  • Brief Freelance Gigs — More specialized jobs that usually don’t last longer than a few days at most, for example, website development, logo design, proofreading, etc. Gigs are generally for the more seasoned freelancer.
  • Long-term work — The drafting of contracts is enabled within the VITES platform. You can make a contract to hire someone for extended periods. Some long-term work examples include programmer, bounty campaign manager, or even a landscaper.

Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

The VITES marketplace allows you to purchase and sell goods with the safety of VITES Escrow services. The VITES Peer-to-Peer Marketplace intends to become the largest peer-to-peer e-commerce platform within the cryptosphere.


The VITES Exchange is built into the VITES platform and will facilitate trading between all cryptocurrencies integrated within the platform. This will enable users to swap out crypto coins and tokens needed for any task within the VITES Marketplace or Job Market.

Current Development

Presently, VITES is undergoing a cryptocurrency swap through The old VITES tokens are being swapped for a more robust and stable Nist5 cryptocurrency coin. The swap will provide the VITES team with the best available technology to support the VITES blockchain and will assure any future technological implementations can be added.

If you are participating in the VITES token swap, please do so through The recent past may have been a bump in the road, but the community is now taking the project to new lengths. We look forward to presenting you with the most versatile and secure online commerce platform backed by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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Author: UnderTow

Image: Frank Castle