Vites update 09.26.2019

Dear community, regarding the swap, as you guys have seen,, now known as, has disabled Vites. We’ve seen a lot of wallets on (stex) and all security issues have been rectified, so we have decided to swap the 120 wallets remaining on (stex). This is good news as it indicates that approximately 2–3 days before the end of the swap, we will get listed on (stex) with VITES/BTC and VITES/LTC pairing!

*UPDATE: Vites on Stocks.Exchange ( are succesfully swapped.

For those who are waiting for the Vites swap to conclude, here is a small roadmap for 2018 revealing what we have been up to and what is on the horizon for Vites.

First of all as some of you guys noticed the website is under construction, we are renewing our website, and we will release some hints and sneak previews of our future plans. Also, we will publish the official whitepaper, and we will reveal our roadmap for 2019. The last surprise for this year will be the disclosure of our 1st partnership.

We have added more nodes to the wallets this means that the connection to the Vites network will be better and more stable.

Authors: Daniyal & Undertow.