Viva and Solar join forces to make smart home deployment easier

Viva Labs
Viva Labs
Jan 29, 2018 · 2 min read

(Oslo, 29/01/18) The energy and telco group NTE is the launch partner when smart home platform provider Viva Labs and sourcing and services provider Solar Group join forces to make it easier for telcos and utilities to launch their own smart home solutions.

The focus of NTE is to develop united energy solutions that make everyday life easier, more efficient, and better for their customers. Their Viva-based solution makes it easy to get a smarter and safer home, both for new and older buildings.

“Together with Viva Labs and Solar, we’ve developed a wholly digital value chain for smart homes. Viva Labs and Solar and leading vendors in their areas, and together we’ll create great experiences for our customers”, says CEO Svein Olav Munkeby at NTE Marked.

The Viva smart home platform is already used by companies across Europe, including Telekom Austria Group. The cooperation with Solar Group makes it even easier for new partner to chose the Viva platform for their move into this fast-growing market.

“Our goal is to make it easy for telcos and utilities to offer own-brand smart home solutions”, says Henrik Holen at Viva Labs. “Together with Solar, we’ve now removed one of the biggest obstacles to launch — the investment in logistics and stock — for both small and large players.”

As a leading European sourcing and services provider, Solar solves sourcing and logistics on behalf of Viva partners who require the service. With Solar, they no longer need to invest in their own hardware stock, but can instead buy as needed and have the devices drop shipped directly to the end consumer.

Chief Commercial Officer Hugo Dorph from Solar welcomes NTE: “NTE is yet another seal of approval for the Viva smart home platform, and we’re happy that they see the additional value Solar can bring. It supports our digital network strategy and strengthens our role as a sourcing and logistics partner within the smart home.”

Viva Labs

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