Back to School

Well summer’s officially over, and we’re all back on post! The new 2017–2018 season seems to be abundant with opportunities for professional growth, as Viva Payments launches into a new era of development.

Just before the summer holidays, in late July, the company launched two services for the first time in Greece. VivaPayments was the first Greek Financial institution to enable Alipay transactions, allowing thousands of tourists from China to make easy, and super-fast payments.

Additionally, VivaPayments developed and launched the FreePOS application, which allows charges on credit and cash cards, without the hassle of POS terminal devices, and contracts, while maintaining zero maintenance and low subscription costs. This smart solution, as well as an especially attractive one-month POS-device offer, were met with great zeal from the Greek market, which sought out means of complying with relevant governmental legislation calling for mandatory use of POS payments, as of July 27.

FreePOS by VivaPayments

The new season is full of challenges, and opportunities that will drive VivaPayments to the next level, making it a key player in Fintech for the EEA-31 region. The challenge is to constantly evolve our tech, and thus further disrupt the Payments sector, while maintaining a customer-centred philosophy in the products and services provided. The opportunities on the other hand are limitless, as our Brussels, and London branches are now actively in the game, and ready to provide next-gen mobile payments services.