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A personal development reading project

Personal development. Mission impossible? I wouldn’t tell so! That’s why, I think, it’s the right time to share with you my booklist to personal development. Authors, words and concepts I once didn’t know and now I cannot live without!

For me, September is the perfect time for new beginnings and goal setting. One of my September goals is continue investing in my personal development, by adding some reading in my routine. Let me share with you my personal book guide to figure out who you are and start taking control over your life and personal success.

  1. Start with Why — Simon Sinek

Have you ever thought about your actions and why you do what you do? Why do you buy Apple products instead of Dell’s? Have you ever wondered how leaders become leaders and inspire people’s actions?

Simon Sinek in his book shares with us the little secrets that inspire leadership actions, while give us an idea what our lives would be like if we thought, decided and acted by answering the simplest question “why”.

If you don’t believe me take a look for yourselves!

2. The power of habit — Charles Duhigg

One key element our daily, personal and professional, reality consists of is routine. The things we repeatedly do could transform us into the person we are, or a completely different one.

In this book, Charles Duhigg speaks of habits. How they are created, how they are feeded and how they are changed. It is not actually that difficult. It would only take you about 2 months, more or less!

And some food for thought: Could our daily repeatedly actions, our habits, be a key element to our personal and professional success? Read to find out!

3. The power of positive thinking —Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Gaining control over your day, your goals, your work, your life itself, is a matter of perspective, but, most of all, it is a matter of thinking! Have you ever wondered what all great leaders have in common? It’s seeing the glass half-full the most of the time. It is not giving up after failing but, instead, take whatever life throws at you and with a positive way of thinking turn it into learning and motivation, and keep going forward.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale believes in action and shares with us the little secrets of taking control over our lives. He teach us how to believe in ourselves and never give up on our goals. In simple words, The power of positive thinking is the book of initiatives and how to grow yours.

4. The tipping point — Malcom Gladwell

Have you ever believed in an idea so much, that you worked 24/7 to see it succeed? You may have stayed up late for a countless number of nights to make this idea come to light. And then you realised how difficult it was to sell it. But you kept pushing and pushing until one day, out of nowhere, your idea started to win more and more supporters. That magical moment, when your idea turned from a failure to success, that is the tipping point. In other words the tipping point is a threshold’ once you cross you spread like wildfire.

But what success consists of? Are the big or the little things that have the biggest effect? How people think and what factors form their behaviors? Malcolm Gladwell is here to explain the little details, answer all our questions and change the way we see and think about ideas and products.

5. Mindsets. The new psychology of success — Carol Dweck

Mindset matters! What do you believe about yourself? Do you think yourself as a smart guy or a dummy? Do you believe your talents, your personality or your intelligence are fixed traits or they could be developed with time and effort?

Figuring out about fixed, or not so fixed ideas is the core purpose of this book. The not so fixed ideas belong to a growth mindset. And as Carol Dweck herself points out “ In a growth mindset threatenings are excited rather than threatening. So, rather than thinking, oh, I’m going to reveal my weaknesses, you say, wow, here’s a chance to grow!”

So where do you stand?

6. The war of art : Break through the blocks & win your inner creative battles — Steven Pressfield

This book will talk straight to your most creative and productive self. From 1 to 10, how creative you feel as you read these lines? Whichever your answer might be, one is certain: creativity is not a personality trait you are born with. Thus, being creative is something you develop by letting go.

Stop and think about it for a minute: how many times you resisted to creativity? Resistance is the key word on The war of art. Pressfield is the right person to help you overcome all the barriers that keep you from being the most creative, productive and successful self!

Note: This book DOES apply to EVERYONE— not only artists — who struggle on completing a task or a project, and generally being productive in their everyday life.

As a whole, remember that personal development and success is a journey toward ourselves!

Happy reading!

As ever,


P.s. Feel free to share your thoughts and any book suggestions on the comments below :)

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