Why reading books is the secret ingredient in the recipe of success

aka how reading books can help you increase your productivity

One of my favourite mobile apps is Curiosity. Curiosity is a mobile app — no worries it has a website too — for all of us who love lifelong learning and are thirsty to learn something new every day.

One of my favourite subjects-tags to read is education and books. So, a few days ago I came across an article about a 4-year-old girl who has read more than 1000 books in her whole life — so far! Eager to learn more about this little lady, I scrolled down the article to found out more.

This little hero read her first book two months shy of 3 years old! According to her mother is because herself read books to her baby even before she was born. And she kept reading books to her daughter at a regular time and at the most times side by side with her little angel.

According to a 20-year-study conducted by researchers of the University of Nevada, about the education levels of children and their families from 27 different nations, the existance even of the smallest library of 20 books in your house can have a major impact in your education. In other words, having books in your home is as important as how educated your parents are.

You still question yourself why reading books is a good idea?!

Well the two biggest reasons are: 1) because you get lost in other worlds and experience new adventures with every book you read, and 2) because you develop a learning culture. Learning culture could only be seen as an investment to yourself!

It doesn’t matter if you tend to read more fiction than non-fiction books, it is what you get at the end that makes the difference! And that difference reflects on you. That difference reflects on your success, both personal and professional.

7 ways reading books can increase your productivity

  1. Expands your vocabulary and improves your communication skills. According to Dr Seuss “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”. Reading books and articles could play a part of big importance in your communication skills. As you read you get exposed to a great world of words, old and new, small and big, ones you know and others that you run into for the first time. All those words would find a way into your everyday life and the expansion of your vocabulary is inevitable!

The expansion of your vocabulary will also improve your communication skills and the quality of your converations with others. A successful professional who reads books, expands his vocabulary and gains knowledge in multiple topics, that could help him participate in conversations with a variety of people from different disciplines and professions.

2. Improves your writing skills. Reading could help your writtting skills, as well. Getting exposured in other authors, writers, journalists and poets writting style, will eventually be reflected in your own writting style. What do you think of your writting have elements from Isabelle Alliente, Dan Brown or Jo Nesbo? Just start reading your favourite author’s next book!

In the business world, developing your writting skills could help you drafting the right emails, business proposals, presentations or even your CV, that could carry away the most demanding reader — whether is your boss or a potential business partner, candidate or customer.

3. Emotional intelligence. How many times have you empathised the main character of a book for all the missfortunes of his life?! Well, getting wrapped up into different characters help you understand other people’s minds and complex emotions. Seeing through the eyes of others and getting into their shoes make it easier for you to relate with your co-workers, your friends, your family and face every day challenges from a new perspective.

4. You have stronger critical and analytical thinking skills. Can you think of a time you figgured out the murderer of a vicious crime you are reading about, even before finishing the book? Do you find yourself figuring out how your book will end from the very first pages? You can blame your critical and analytical thinking skills for that! As you start and keep reading more and more books, you get stronger into putting facts in the right order, taking notice of the smallest details and decide what is the tipping point that changed everything!

That becomes very handy in conversations with friends, fellow readers and other professionals. If you find yourself discussing about that book you’ve read you will be able to state your opinion more clearly, in depth and detailed. But, this does not stop in book conversations. Every time you want to make a statement, a proposal, argueing or just participating in a conversation late in the office you will debate like no other!

5. Improves focus and concentration. When you read your favourite book suddenly the whole world disappears and you get lost, wandering in strange lands trying to find where elves live. It is the time you stop listening and just live inside your book. That time you are completely focused and concentrated to your reading and only that.

When you read a book, all your concentation is focused on that! This skill could be really helpfull in lots of situations in your every day life, like when you try to focus on your work or actively listen to other people.

6. Your creativity increases as well aka creative problem solving. Imagination and creativity are the two key-words of reading.

Reading both fiction and non-fiction books challenges you with the task to imagine and create all the characters, their appearances, their behaviours, and the scences and sceneres of the story you are currently reading. There is no TV or cinema screen to show you how all these should look like. In this bizzar way every book is partly your own; you own how the book will be in your imagination.

As a professional you must have come across creativity skills many time in your working life. Reading books can help you develop your creativity skills. Creativity could be found in the most amazing places, and what’s more amazing than experience new worlds and new ways of thinking; those of the authors you read.

In adittion, have you ever heard of design thinking. Design Thinking is a creative problem solving technique which uses images and drawings to solve business and every day problems.

Can you see the connection? Reading books improves your creativity ending up in creative problem solving. You will never face the writter’s block again! Reading will give you all the answers you seek and the motive to solve your problems in the most creative ways and innovate!

7. Memory boost. How many times have you tried to learn by heart your history lesson for the next day and you failed?That’s probably because you hate history, but, how many times have you forgotten what’s going around your favourite book? Probably never!

Reading boosts our brain power! Human brain is a marvellous thing! Every time we read a new book or a new article we create new memories and those memories create new pathaways into our brains and stimulate those already created. This brain activity forged by reading, assists in short-memory recall as well as stabilizing moods — and here’s why you could never remember next day’s lesson; you are not in a mood for history today! :P

In the working environment, memory boost could help you with your next day’s tasks and daily and weekly professional obligations.

So tonight, sit comfortable in your bed, couch or favourite sofa and start reading your next book!!! ;)

My latest read is the bestseller book “Little life” by Hanya Yanagihara.

What book are you reading this weekend? :)

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