Who’s the birthday browser?

Those of you that have been with us for awhile may remember that this week is a big one for Vivaldi — it’s one year today since the launch of Vivaldi 1.0!

If, like us, you enjoy the occasional stroll down memory lane, we’ve put together something special for today.

Visit our new Timeline for a retrospective on the progress Vivaldi has made since we launched way back in April 2016. In it we’ve highlighted when key features made their first appearance in the browser, and every stable release throughout the past year.

If there’s one thing that has set Vivaldi apart from the very beginning it’s that we’re not shy about adding new features if they solve a problem for our users. When you scroll through the timeline, you’ll see many ideas that came straight from you, our users. We can’t thank you enough for your dedication and input into the building of Vivaldi.

So, keep the ideas coming! We’ll continue to listen and keep building a browser that’s for you and nobody else.

In the News

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy fantastic coverage over the course of the last year, but launch day for 1.0 was something special indeed.

Check out a few of the highlights:

On the Socials

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