Doing e-commerce right: How to accept payments online

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Oct 18 · 3 min read

The E-commerce age has long been upon us, but the pandemic certainly accelerated our transition to online payments. In just a few years, the overall volume of E-commerce retail sales skyrocketed, from $1,3 trillion in 2014, to $4,2 trillion in 2020. And other than an anticipated slight drop-off due to the rebound of brick-and-mortar stores, online retail sales are expected to keep increasing in volume for the foreseeable future.

It is now more obvious than ever, then, that every professional, no matter the line of work or the size of their clientele, needs to be able to accept online payments. Luckily, the process has now become quite trivial. What remains tricky, though, is the business aspect of ecommerce.

Now, depending on the type of business and operations, you have several options for an online payment solution.

If you own a custom online store, there’s no shortage of payment gateways offering a variety of online checkout solutions to choose from. And what if you are a marketplace owner, that must find a way to handle multiple payments flows with care and precision? Even if you operate an online store on WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop or any other similar platform, are you going to stick with what is offered by the platform or opt for a plugin? Finally, even if you don’t sell online due to the nature of your business, it is still imperative you can accept payments online.

After you’ve determined the online payment solution that is appropriate for you, you will have to consider business and commercial matters.

Will you pay low commission fees? How many payment methods are you going to offer? Are your conversion rates going to be high? And will you be independent from third parties? Those are only some of the questions you will have to find the answers to.

At last, the most complicated matter of all: whether everything will be done in one ‘place’, being facilitated by just one payment provider? Hopefully, you will have one provider for everything you do, making things work seamlessly, quickly, and inexpensively.

You can find details regarding the matters discussed above, along with many others, in our detailed White Paper.

Using Viva Wallet as your payment provider

We are a pan-european Neobank using our own, direct scheme and operating in 23 different countries, offering support in all 17 local languages. By using our own platform, we eliminate the need for intermediaries, as we can provide you with an IBAN-enabled local merchant account, daily payouts even on weekends or national holidays and advanced reporting.

Our services include both an online checkout solution to integrate your online store with, as well as plugins for shops on WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc. You can also set up and operate an online marketplace using Viva Wallet or use our payment tools even if you don’t sell online.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Unified payments: your payments are unified both across channels, whether online payments or physical payments through POS, and across the 23 European countries we operate in.
  • Quick onboarding: no-hassle all-digital user-friendly onboarding with instant activation.
  • High conversion rates: recognize returning shoppers and preferred payment methods, use stored payment details to reduce customer effort and accelerate the payment.
  • 0% acceptance fees: earn back your acceptance fees by using your Viva Wallet Debit Mastercard for your corporate expenses.
  • Multiple payment methods: accept multiple payment methods, such as international and local card schemes, digital wallets, local payment methods, online banking and direct debit.
  • Recurring payments: Save cards safely for later use with card tokenization

You can find our E-commerce White Paper here.

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