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How to choose the best payment gateway for Shopify

If you have built your online shop on Shopify, or you are planning to do so, you will need to find the right payment gateway. The new Smart Checkout Plugin for Shopify can help you tick all the boxes on your search for the ideal one.

How it works

After you’ve activated our Smart Checkout Plugin for Shopify, your customers will be redirected to our Smart Checkout page to pay and then they will be automatically redirected back to your shop.

Payment methods

It’s no secret that people like to have options, especially when they are looking to buy something. Yet, most of the Plugins for Shopify only support card payments.

In contrast, Viva Wallet’s Shopify Smart Checkout plugin supports dozens of payment methods, including international card schemes (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and more), digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay), local schemes (Payconiq, iDEAL and more.), and plenty of alternative payment methods (PayPal, SEPA Direct Debit, and just to name a few). You can find the full list of the Payment methods supported by Smart Checkout here.

Saved cards

Our goal with the Shopify Smart Checkout Plugin is to make the payment process as easy as possible. A big part of that is the Saved Cards feature, which saves a customer’s card details after they’ve used it to make a payment, even from a different merchant in a different country. That way, the next time the customer pays, their card details will be filled in automatically for them, increasing the chance they will complete their purchase (When their card is saved on Smart Checkout, customers proceed to pay on an average rate of 97.2% across Europe)

Increased conversion

In today’s market, a good payment gateway Plugin should be able to do more than just get the job done. Well, our Smart Checkout Plugin seems to do exactly that, as the merchants that use it see their customers proceed to pay on an average rate of 87.6% across Europe. Overall, Smart Checkout can increase your conversion rate by 21%.

This happens because Smart Checkout shows the customer the payment methods most likely to convert, after taking into account the customer’s preferences, past behaviour, and location, amongst many other factors. Essentially, Smart Checkout takes all the steps to increase the chance of your customers completing their purchases, including a decline recovery feature, that increases conversion by 1–2%.

Use our Shopify Plugin to make your life easier

Commission as low as 0%

To use our Smart Checkout Plugin for Shopify, you will first have to create a Viva Wallet account with a local IBAN, which you can do online, in a fast, easy, and efficient manner. Signing up also gets you a get a free digital business debit card, which allows you to minimise the commission on your transactions.

By using your business debit card to pay for your corporate expenses, you can easily start dropping the commission on your transactions to as low as 0%! You simply won’t find another Shopify Plugin offering the same benefits, never mind the fact that they come at no extra cost.

Get paid the very next day with Next Day Settlement

The benefits don’t end here, though. With a Viva Wallet business account, you always receive the money from customer payments the very next day, even if it’s a weekend or a national holiday, with next day settlement.

Automatic updates

Looking at the e-commerce payments landscape, you’ll notice that new payment methods emerge constantly. Adding each new payment method manually to your checkout would require effort and constant attention. But if you use our Smart Checkout Plugin, all the new payment methods will be added automatically, guaranteeing that your Payment Gateway will always be top notch with minimal effort!

If our Smart Checkout Shopify Plugin seems like something you’d be interested in, click here to learn more about it.



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