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The Vivi Nation Podcast — Ultra running diaries: Part 2 | Vivi Nation

In part 2 of the ‘Ultra running diaries’ series, where we chat about our journey scaling from 10k fitness to 100k ultra, we discuss the common mistakes to avoid during endurance run training.

I think it’s fair to say we’ve historically made quite a lot of endurance running mistakes during the training process for longer runs, so share our experiences, as well as discuss the things that regularly go wrong when doing endurance training, and how to avoid them. These tips are especially helpful for beginners, but experienced runners will hopefully benefit, too.

  • Mistake 1 — Scaling miles too quickly
  • Mistake 2 — Losing training motivation
  • Mistake 3 — Skipping long runs
  • Mistake 4 — Not cross-training
  • Mistake 5 — Ignoring an injury
  • Mistake 6 — Setting unrealistic goals
  • Mistake 7 — Starting training too late
  • Mistake 8 — Not recovering right
  • Mistake 9 — Fuelling badly

Lastly, we also cover what the hardest thing is about long-distance running, where we are up to on our Ultra training plan, and why recovery is just as important as the actual running.

Ultra running diaries: Part 2

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Originally published at on March 24, 2021.



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