An Update on the Vivid Mobile App: Game-Changing Features: Shopify Integration

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Ready for the next “Ah-ha” moment in NFTs? The latest update to the VIVID App by Vivid Labs on iOS and Android leverages the power of the Vivid Labs NFT ecosystem and changes the game with Shopify integration, new features, and an enhanced user experience. Keep reading to experience that “Ah-ha” moment for yourself.

As a trailblazer in NFT innovation, Vivid Labs is excited to introduce the next chapter of the VIVID NFT app, our cutting-edge mobile app that redefines NFT boundaries and unlocks a world of creative possibilities.

The VIVID NFT app, available on both iOS and Android, empowers creators, brands, fans, and collectors to craft and view dynamic, multi-asset, and updatable NFTs. With the ability to combine a diverse range of media, including images, audio, video, documents, 3D objects, AR files, and more, VIVID unlocks next-generation value and enables you to easily create compelling content experiences through NFTs. Whether you’re an artist, marketer, content owner, or storyteller, VIVID is your gateway to the evolution of NFTs. Just looking for inspiration, or want to discover a new creator or brand? Browse the public NFT Gallery to see what others are creating.

App and Shopify Integration

One of the most exciting highlights of this update is the new integration with the VIVID NFT for Shopify App. This bridges the world of e-commerce and NFTs, unlocking a realm of opportunities for over 4.3 million Shopify merchants worldwide. With the VIVID for Shopify, merchants who have been exploring minting and selling NFTs alongside physical goods now have an easy and powerful option to get that content to their customers and collectors. All Shopify VIVID App buyers will have their NFTs automatically synced with the VIVID mobile App, providing a seamless viewing transition for sellers and buyers alike.

With the integration into the VIVID mobile App, users can effortlessly manage and interact with NFTs purchased from Shopify merchants who use VIVID for Shopify, providing a unified platform for NFT enthusiasts to curate and manage their entire collection.

To access your NFTs purchased from VIVID-powered Shopify merchants, simply create an account using the same email address used to purchase the NFT from the merchant. Alternatively, if you already have an account on the VIVID mobile App with the same email, you’ll see your NFTs automatically show up upon updating to this new release.

User Experience and Engagement Enhancements

We’ve also enhanced the App user interface (UI) to display the creator and ownership status of each NFT, fostering transparency and engagement. Discover new creators and explore ownership with ease. Empowering creators, we’ve introduced the ability to create multiple editions of a single NFT, adding excitement to the NFT creation and collection experience.

Stay connected with our new push-notifications feature, delivering personalized alerts about activity related to your own NFTs, the NFTs of creators you follow, and more. We’ve also improved asset management, and introduced additional user support and resources.

Specifying Editions Upon Minting

We’ve folded the ability to specify the number of editions you want to mint into the creation flow, emphasizing the power and utility of creating multiple editions of your NFTs. This moves editions closer into view of creators and users, allowing for a more thoughtful creation process. In a future update coming soon, we plan to enhance this capability, allowing you to choose how many editions you’d like to export to your wallet.

Vision for the Future

The VIVID NFT app is not just a tool for digital creators — it’s a gateway to new possibilities. By integrating VIVID for Shopify with the VIVID mobile app, we’re bridging the gap between e-commerce and NFTs. This integration, enhanced UI, and upgraded features for creators and collectors are all part of our commitment to providing a cutting-edge platform that empowers creativity and fosters meaningful connections among creators, collectors, and fans.

Excited? Check out the VIVID mobile app in the iOS and Android app stores and explore the limitless potential of advanced NFTs. Join the Evolution. Make it VIVID.

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