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The Natural Selection Tour Inaugural Drop Retrospective with Vivid Labs and Mint Werx

Earlier this week, the Vivid Labs and Mint Werx team were welcomed onto the Natural Selection Tour Discord stage for a reflective chat on this year’s inaugural Natural Selection Tour NFT drop, which was the first ever to use the VIVID NFT Shopify platform.

This first-of-its-kind launch was a true collaboration between Natural Selection Tour, Vivid Labs, and Mint Werx. The entire collection of NFTs sold out over the course of three releases which coincided with events in Jackson Hole, British Columbia, and Alaska. The NFTs were some of the most innovative ever created, making use of multi-asset features to create media-rich experiences, including one ~2.5GB NFT which combined images, 3D objects, and videos to recreate a snowboarder’s shred down the mountain.

The live event featured Travis Rice, Brian Spitz, Halsey Minor, Devadutta Ghat, Robert Powers, Ryan Sands, and Greg Auer where they discussed:

  • The origin of Natural Selection Tours’ decision to create NFTs
  • The vision behind Vivid Labs’ approach to NFTs
  • The innovation behind the Natural Selection Tour NFTs
  • Technical breakthrough for minting multi-asset, multi-gigabyte NFTs
  • Vivid Labs’ eco-friendly platform
  • The role of an NFT production studio

Listen to the recording of ‘Natural Selection Tour Inaugural Drop Retrospective’

If you’d still like the chance to win one of these sold-out NFTs, check out how you can participate in the Vivid Labs Sweepstakes:




Vivid Labs is the creator of the VIVID NFT publishing platform, powered by the VID token. VIVID enables new use cases and business models, evolving NFTs into complete media experiences. Come join the evolution — build your NFT business on VIVID at

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Vivid Labs Team

Vivid Labs Team

Creators of VIVID, the next generation NFT publishing platform that allows anyone to create, manage, and sell multimedia NFTs.

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