VIVID App Is Now Available in Beta - Welcome to The Evolution!

Vivid Labs Team
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2 min readJul 14, 2022


We’re excited to welcome you to the Beta launch of the VIVID App. The app is designed to be the easiest, most intuitive way for anyone to create NFTs out of any media.

The app evolves NFTs beyond today’s single-asset JPEGs, to next-generation NFTs that are multi-asset and updateable, allowing you to create richer, more compelling experiences.

You can combine any number of images, audio, video, documents, 3D object files, AR files– almost any type of media — into a single NFT to be minted, shared, and distributed.

Visit, to join the VIVID App Beta Program.

We invite you to put on your creative hat and explore what you can do with VIVID NFTs.

Key features of the Beta release:

  • Create multi-asset, updateable NFTs
  • Media container and player for almost any file type — video, audio, documents and morex
  • Easy account login to view and manage your NFTs
  • Share media-rich NFTs to your community
  • NFTs immutably and securely written to the Vivid Blockchain

To participate in the Vivid Labs Beta App Program, simply sign up at

Note for Android users: the app is currently available only for iOS, but an Android version is in development and will be released soon.

As we continuously evolve the VIVID app, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Within the My Profile section of the app, tap the Feedback tab to submit your feedback

In the next version, we will release compatibility with OpenSea so that you can list your media-rich NFTs on one of the leading NFT marketplaces.

As well, feel free to contact us via email at

Thanks — and see you in the app!

The Vivid Labs Team



Vivid Labs Team
Vivid Labs

Creators of VIVID, the next generation NFT publishing platform that allows anyone to create, manage, and sell multimedia NFTs.