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Vivid Labs Launches NFT Sweepstakes

Enter For a Chance To Win Natural Selection Tour’s Industry-First MultiMedia NFTs

March 28th, 2022 — Fresh off the heels of Natural Selection Tour’s groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, and SOLD OUT multimedia NFT series, Vivid Labs ($VID) is giving 13 lucky winners the chance to win a Natural Selection Tour multimedia NFT. This series comes courtesy of our partnership with Natural Selection Tour, capturing the unique spirit and culture of Natural Selection Tour and the historical occasion of their successful first foray into NFTs.

We at Vivid Labs believe these NFTs are the most complex the industry has seen. As an example, the Selector Course Map is the first multimedia NFT to contain close to 2.5GB of media. Each of these Natural Selection Tour NFTs has already sold out but you have one more chance to get your hands on these exclusive NFTs with the sweepstakes beginning today!

What’s more, by joining our Discord you become eligible to be placed on our waitlist for all future NFT sweepstakes featuring VIVID NFTs. We’ll be doing periodic giveaways from the collections of future projects we enable. Get in on the ground floor now while you can!

Please review our Terms & Conditions for the Vivid Labs NFT Sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Overview

  • The sweepstakes period begins Mar 28, 2022, and ends on Apr 30, 2022
  • Participants on Discord will have a chance to win NFTs in three tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze
  • Participants enter by joining Vivid Labs Discord and referring new members via a referral link (details below)
  • Multiple entries can be earned for more or higher tiered prizes
  • A total of 13 winners will be selected using a raffle system during a live draw on May 6, 2022


  • (1) Gold: Jackson Hole Limited NFT
  • (2) Silver: Course Selector Map NFT
  • (10) Bronze: Foundation NFT

How to enter the sweepstakes (TL;DR)

  • Step #1: Join the Vivid Labs Discord server and complete the verification process to become a member.
  • Step #2: Request an individual invite link and use that link to refer new members to join the Vivid Labs Discord Server. When sharing on social, include the hashtag #VividLabsSweepstakes.
  • Step #3: That’s it, no step #3. Your first referral earns you a bronze-level entry in the sweepstakes.

But wait, there’s more….

Earning sweepstake entries

The number of referrals is tied to the number or level of entries for each participant. More referrals = a chance to win a higher tiered prize.

  • 1–5 referrals = one entry for a chance to win a bronze-level prize
  • 6–15 referrals = one entry for a chance to win a silver-level prize
  • 16–24 referrals = two entries for a chance to win a silver-level prize
  • 25+ referrals = one entry for a chance to win a gold-level prize
  • Every 100 referrals = 4 additional entries for a chance to win a gold-level prize


#1: Steven shares his unique code and refers 3 new users. Steven gets 1 entry to win a bronze prize

#2: John shares his unique code and refers 18 new users. John has 2 entries to win a silver NFT

#3: Lauren shares his unique code and refers 250 new users. Lauren has 9 entries to win a gold prize (1 entry for the first 25 referrals, and 8 entries for 200 referrals).

Referral Quick Start Guide

Steps to follow:

STEP 1:- In Discord, click on “Vivid Labs Official” in the upper left corner.

STEP 2:- After clicking on “Vivid Labs Official”, click “Invite People” in the drop-down menu.

STEP 3:- This is where you’ll see the unique invite link you will use for referrals. Before you share, follow steps 4 through 5.

ATTENTION: By default, the invite link is set to expire in 7-days. It’s highly recommended to change the expiration date before you share.

STEP 4:- Click on the edit link and edit the server link and set the expiry date to “never”.

STEP 5:- After making changes to the invite link click on generate a new link.

STEP 6:- Copy this link and start sending this to your friends :).

About the NFTs

Bronze — Foundation NFT

The one and only foundation NFT for the Natural Selection Tour. This NFT grants you an exclusive community member experience. You’ll get behind-the-scenes content, priority access to coming drops, and news, plus access to this 3D digital artwork that is brought to life and complements the original. The Natural Selection Tour commissioned Schoph to create the original commemorative piece for the first year of the 2021 Tour. It has four separate layers of resin, which is meant to give the piece depth and movement to celebrate Mother Nature and the greater Teton Range ecosystem.

Silver — Course Selector Map NFT

Course Selector NFT is the first multimedia NFT with NFT+ features. This NFT is the 2022 3D course map for The Selector venue in Jackson. It was captured using LiDAR and photogrammetry scans of the entire area. These venues are the main characters of the Tour and change every year. Each location is a megalithic work of art inspired by Mother Nature and should be celebrated. Members will also receive exclusive access to 2D rider-reference maps and rider drone training videos for the entire 2022 Tour that the riders use to train with since there is no practice for these events. By owning this NFT, you aid in the production of 3D capture for future locations. Collect multiple event venue NFTs and be pleasantly surprised.

Gold — Jackson Hole Limited

This commemorative piece of art embodies the experience of the riders and the community coming together with Mother Nature at stop one of the Natural Selection Tour. This NFT features artwork by legendary poster artist Tyler Stout. This limited-edition artwork includes a layered 3D digital artwork and a matching, hand-numbered 24”x32” fine art print using a nine-color Giclee print on 290 GSM cotton rag fine art paper. Owners will experience a high-resolution physical fine art print in addition to owning the digital version.

Learn more about the Natural Selection Tour NFTs powered by the VIVID Platform.

The VIVID Platform is powered by the VID Token. VID is traded on KuCoin, Uniswap, and Bittrex Global

Be sure to follow Vivid Labs on Twitter and join our Discord channel




Vivid Labs is the creator of the VIVID NFT publishing platform, powered by the VID token. VIVID enables new use cases and business models, evolving NFTs into complete media experiences. Come join the evolution — build your NFT business on VIVID at

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