VIVID Playground 1.5 Release!

Vivid Labs Team
Vivid Labs
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3 min readMay 12, 2022


In December 2021, alongside the launch of VIVID Open and the announcement of VIVID Pro, we also quietly launched VIVID Playground.

Playground was designed as a place where we could demo the evolution beyond single asset JPEGs to the richer, more complex media experiences that could be created with multi-asset, multi-format NFTs. The first version of Playground featured a fully-functioning gallery and simple UI/UX for minting complex NFTs. But, it was primarily geared towards developers, who just needed to see the bare basics to understand the value of our approach.

With this updated release of Playground, we give those features a UX/UI refresh, plus we are making two foundational changes: we have removed file size limitations and have done away with the 24-hour purge of every NFT on Playground.

This means you have even more flexibility to create more permanent VIVID NFTs. We believe this is a small, further step to creating a space where all creators, independent ones or enterprise customers, and our community can come to better understand what we mean when we tout the evolution of advanced, multimedia NFTs.

Now with the ability to create NFTs with multiple media assets from a variety of different media types, unconstrained by any file size — we are inviting creators of any type to come play with us.

One more thing…everyone that tries the Playground and creates a VIVID NFT will be automatically added to our try-list for our VIVID App Beta launch.

Playground v1.5 is in many ways still a demo. We believe Playground has more room to grow and we are setting a roadmap against it. The future of Playground will bring it into full compatibility with third-party marketplaces where creators can sell the VIVID NFTs they create on Playground. We will develop features that allow you to promote and share what you create, as well as more sophisticated features for curation.

VIVID Playground Roadmap

We aren’t here to develop in a vacuum. We invite your suggestions and comments so that we can make continual improvements. Are there features you’d like to see? What are we missing? Let us know about the newly-opened Playground channel in our Discord.