Vivid Platform Updates: New SDKs, new APIs, and multi-user abilities

Apr 28, 2019 · 5 min read

Hello Vivid Community! Our team has been hard at work as we leverage the latest and greatest Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies in the Vivid ecosystem. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve been up to this month:

JOIN’s core cloud networking, user interaction data and voice is complete

Unity AR Foundation

When talking Augmented Reality on mobile, front and center are Google and Apple’s SDKs. ARCore and ARKit respectively. These are the two packages that enable the AR features in Vivid AR Portfolio to take life for iOS and Android users.

However this means that for a single app, there has to be additional considerations made for the two platforms to be supported, from a single Unity Project. With the advent of Unity AR Foundation, it means developers can now utilize this additional layer, which allows a single set of APIs to be used, and Unity to dynamically provide Android and iOS devices with the correct inputs. Wow!

We are in the process of updating JOIN to an AR Foundation based project, and much more:

Magic Leap Lumin SDK 0.20.0 and Unity 2019.1

The major news we have been awaiting for months has finally dropped. Since we started working with our Magic Leap Ones late 2018, developers have been restricted to a frozen in time build of Unity, with special support for Magic Leap’s Lumin OS.

Lumin OS SDK 0.20.0

This has meant that all of the constant new updates to the mothership build of Unity, has passed Magic Leap devs by, as we were stuck in the static developer build of Unity.

With Unity 2019.1 Lumin OS support has been added, allowing us to finally bring all of the latest APIs and SDKs for mobile, and Magic Leap into a singular project.

Unity 2019.1

Previously for JOIN, we had been targeting two different project files, one using 2019.1 with AR Foundations for Android and iOS support. And then a second project using the old developer build of Unity for Magic Leap support.

Bringing all of these projects into a singular master project has been a large undertaking, but finally means we can extend cross platform device experiences in a clean, functional manner as far as development is concerned.

Android and iOS, Meet Magic Leap One.

The magic of cross platform. Seamless connections between dynamic mixes of devices.

The above graphic illustrates the high level system for JOIN multi-user sessions. Because of the extensive ground work that has been laid, in bringing all of the top Mixed and Augmented reality platforms into a singular project, we give users the ability to join (pun intended) sessions dynamically.

For example, two Android users can create and join a room, and another on Magic Leap One may jump in as well. Or, in another scenario, four Magic Leap users are discussing Ethereum, and a lone iOS user decides to join that session.

No matter what mix of devices in a session, all users are able to equally join, and discuss with the group-seamlessly.

Get a Room: JOIN’s Simultaneous Session Abilities

With JOIN, we allow users to connect in a multi-user experience in Augmented Reality. They may bring up candlestick charts, perform TA, and discuss the markets as a community.

With the addition of custom rooms, users may create rooms specific to their favorite coins, that others may join, or create a room for their specific friends group.

For example, one may create the ‘Viacoin Trading Room’, where VIA/BTC, VIA/BNB, VIA/ETH charts may all be pulled up and once, and cross analysed with those who are in attendance.

JOIN is not only acting as the test bed for our next generation experience, but also the framework in which we are utilizing the latest AR & MR API and SDKs, building from the ground up.

What does this mean for Vivid AR Portfolio?

As we refine and build our core codebase using the latest SDKs and APIs for JOIN, an application merge will occur as we reach a good integration point for bringing all the features from AR Portfolio, into JOIN, creating a singular app available for iOS, Android, Magic Leap, and other Mixed Reality devices as they create market share. Vivid AR Portfolio 2.0.

Convergence: Integration of JOIN into Vivid AR Portfolio once testing and development is complete

Through our efforts in onboarding new platforms, and updating our codebase to the current state of the art in AR/MR SDKs and APIs. We can bring our flagship Vivid AR Portfolio application into 2019 and 2020 with the confidence for future proofing ourselfs, and staying on the bleeding edge of Spatial Computing.

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