SODA: Scrypta Open DAta

Claudio Menzani
Feb 28 · 3 min read

A new blockchain and its first DApp

How we got to know Scrypta

In 2016 in Vivido we started Blockchain Italia, a business unit focused on blockchain.
With this brand we have participated a lot of events on this topic all around in Italy.

In May 2018 we were to Assocoin Forum in Catania where we got to know a fresh environment, around which grew a group of people with deep competencies.

Following this, we joined the Assocoin and it was association that introduced us to the Scrypta project.

What struck us was the founders’ enthusiasm and the strong desire to invest their energy on creating knowledge and innovation.

We liked these things:

  • The founders’ approach and dedication.
  • A completly open source code (
  • It’s a blockchain and not a token (we like token economy, but for us the use of genuine blockchain is an opportunity to learn new things)
  • The project is already operative
  • No ICO to finance the project, but a Crowdsale (the kick-off event was 14 february 2019 in Catania)
  • Last, but not least, the core is finally Italian.

Therefore, we decided it would be great to contribute in some way to this project, especially because it’s in its pioneristic phase.

So, we chose to do it in two different ways:

  • To become masternode handlers (the Scrypta consensus is based on POS — Proof of Stake and also Masternode)
  • To develop a prototype that enables us to discover, as soon as possible, the Scrypta’s potentiality , and the limits too, compared with other historical blockchains.

What is Scrypta

A short introduction:

Scrypta is a blockchain that guarantees a high-speed transaction pattern to transfer digital asset and instant payment. The issues of currency’s scheme, and therefore its rewards too, is based on Quark’s algorythm that embed a hybrid consensus layer Proof of Stake and Masternode, it’s energy efficient and particularly safe.

LYRA is a “digital asset”, and not a “token”, it’s used inside of Scrypta to exchange and insert data. The operative cost to insert data on Scrypta is about LYRA’s thousandth per operation.

This permits building complex infrastructures on solid base, but at the same time accessible and with low cost.

For example, this post shows some operative enviroments where Scrypta can work:

Proof of Concept — SODA Scrypta Open DAta

SODA will be a platform that harvests Open Data from many sources, it will be recorded on Scrypta blockchain, in order to perform various high value operations:

  • Data normalization
  • The data is not alterable
  • Scryta is a public and permissionless blockchain, so the data is available to everyone without limit
  • The dataset that contain the open data aren’t present in any centralized server, but they are on fully decentralized infrastructure, therefore without any intermediaries

Thanks to the blockchain it is equal to have a big distributed database, without any owner and always active. The perfect place where the open data can be hosted.

We have written a document that describes the project, with a workflow and some mockups attached.

Obvsiously as soon as we finished writing it, we recorded a copy of the document on Scrypta blockchain and on IPFS — Inter Planetary Files Storage

This is the transaction on the Scrypta’s explorer :

While at this IPFS link there is the “real” document.

With this tweet the Scrypta team “certified” that SODA is the first dApp on Scrypta blockchain. We are really proud of this.

Some historical evidence:

Scrypta’s genesis block was created on 21th dicember 2018.

1th tweet:

Credits : Maja I.


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