One week until Voice Summit — here’s where to catch Vixen

James “JP “ Poulter
Jul 16 · 2 min read

This time next week, thousands of people will have descended on Newark for VOICE Summit: the world’s largest Voice First event.

Assistant creators Amazon Alexa, Google, Siri and Microsoft will have a strong presence, as will hundreds of developers, global media platforms, and agencies — including Vixen Labs!

Our CEO JP gave the closing keynote at VOICE Summit last year. He also gave someone in the audience 20 bucks for nothing. Why? Well, you can find out why at around 22 minutes 15 seconds:

But back to 2019.

Get to know the speakers ahead of time via the Inside VOICE podcast, with episode previews including:

> Michael Novak, Digital Transformation Partners
> Jen Lehner, Front Row Media
> Ahmed Bouzid, Witlingo

As for Vixen staff, these are the sessions at which you can catch them speaking, participating or co-ordinating…

CEO and Co-Founder JP:

Opening Day 2 keynote
08:30 Main Stage, 24th July

Discussing public service broadcasts in the Voice First era alongside Jeremy Walker (BBC), Angela Stengel (ABC), and Joel Sucherman (NPR)
10:00 Main Stage, 24th July

Moderating a panel on entertaining consumers
14:00 Tiernan, 25th July

CCO and Co-Founder Jen Heape:

On a panel about how VUX can win hearts and minds
14:00 CTR Ballroom A, 23rd July

Moderating a panel on providing greater accessibility through well-designed applications
16:00 CTR Ballroom A, 24th July

Discussing bias in AI and Voice Assistants
13:00 Main Stage, 25th July

Expert in Residence Frank Radice:

On a panel discussing how major media properties are entering the Voice First environment
10:30 Main Stage, 24th July

Moderating a roundtable about best practices for incorporating voice, ending in strategy formulation
14:00 CKB 116, 25th July

Want to meet JP, Jen or Frank in NJ ? As you can see, they’ve got lots on — so grab yourself a slot in the calendar ahead of time by emailing

If you’re unable to reach VOICE Summit this year, have Vixen’s expertise come to you for a Voice First Workshop. Plus, keep an eye on the blog for wrap-up blogs during and following the event!

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James “JP “ Poulter

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CEO and Co-Founder of Vixen Labs, Innovation and Marketing through voice and conversational technology. Professional Podcast Host & Speaker.

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News and perspectives from the Vixen Labs team. Voice First Strategy, Experience and Marketing specialists.

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