We are Vixen Labs. Welcome to the Voice Revolution

Who are Vixen Labs?

Vixen Labs was founded in 2018 by James Poulter and Jen Heape to help brands, organisations and communities join the Voice-First world.

Smart speaker adoption and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri from Apple are changing the content we consume via voice, the way we shop and search for products and services. Voice is fundamentally reprogramming the way we interact with computing today

We believe that Voice-First interfaces and Conversational Artificial Intelligence have the power to make the way we experience the internet and the content on it more human, empathetic and a healthier experience for us all.

We have seen screen fatigue become a real issue and a wave of mental health issues rise up from internet addiction. We believe at Vixen Labs that through Voice Interfaces and Conversational design we can play some part in fixing these growing societal issues.

The voice opportunity for brands

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 59% of consumers believe that what a brand says in direct communication with you is more trusted.

Brand communication via conversation, rather than through direct advertising, therefore, presents a huge opportunity for brands to be part of this sea change towards an empathetic and values-driven future.

We believe at Vixen Labs that whether you are trying to deliver services or ensuring your product is found, there is a growing expectation that consumers should be able to communicate with you via voice first devices.

How can Vixen Labs help you join the Voice Revolution?

Strategy, experience, marketing.

We offer three core services, either to agencies or direct to client teams, to help brands and organisations get started or go deeper with voice and conversational technologies;

  • Help devise your voice strategy, map out channels, content and creative
  • Build first-class Voice User Experience (VUX) and Voice User Interactions (VUI) for all major Voice services as well as integrations for internal use
  • Devise, plan and deploy marketing strategies to ensure your voice experiences are found, loved and used

For those who are at the beginning of their voice journey, we also offer a selection of Voice First workshops delivered in collaboration with Workshop Specialists, Curve – including an Introduction To Voice course.

Vixen Labs. Voice First.

If you want to join the Voice First Revolution, drop us a line jp@vixenlabs.co or jen@vixenlabs.co or leave us a Voice Mail on +447949277411