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365 Data Science Day 45

Some days are slower than others, and over the holidays in December, I went into a few days away from the computer. Just enjoy cooking and spending time with the family.

But, on day 45 of the journey, I managed to catch up and complete the excel courses: Introduction to Excel, Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables, and Advanced Microsoft excel, by Ned Krastev.

Having used Excel for different tasks and activities, I thought that I was pretty good. But these three courses really opened my eyes to the possibilities and best practices of using Excel.

There were a few differences between the Excel for macOS that I am using and the Windows version shortcuts, but by playing around, I managed to learn a few new tricks.

The course had quite a few good examples of building P&L schema and gave examples of working with large amounts of data on excel sheets. Merging data into new tables using INDEX and MATCH or VLOOKUP.

My favorite is still INDEX and MATCH; having used it before, I realized that I could improve the way I used these functions. Also, I was presented with other functions such as INDIRECT, CHOOSE, ROWS, and more, which I now understand can improve my current usage of excel.

Of cause, the course covered graphical representation of data and how to use Pivot tables, something I previously avoided, but now understand how they can help in representing data in a more structured way.

Next up… Statistics




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