Analyzing Climate Risk for Urban Resilience

Using open data, mapping, and dynamic visualization for accelerating climate risk analysis.

The Vizonomy Climate Risk PlatformTM puts US Government data in your hands. Search +70 data layers from Open Street Map, import your local data, analyze economic losses by scenario, develop real-time weather alerts and create dynamic hazard risk assessment for your community. Whether you’re a government official in planning, transportation, emergency response, or sustainability, our data and platform can help.

Built on Open Source, the platform includes the following technologies: MongoDB for admin control; CARTO, GeoServer, PostgreSQL, and PostGIS for spatial data hosting and visualization; Mapbox for the basemap; d3.js for dynamic graphics and charts; Node.js, Angular, and HTML/CSS for the web framework. See video demo.

City Module to help disaster risk managers quickly see what and who is at risk from flooding and sea level rise
Climate Module showing precipitation and temperature projections. Only available in California
Building Module designed for residents to determine their estimated flood exposure based on FEMA models

Quick Analysis for Urban Resilience

Maximizing Sources: OpenStreet Map, Open Data, and Importing Your Own Datasets

Today, more data is generated and made available than ever before. However, it is often siloed across government agencies, institutions, data portals and more. Through Vizonomy’s Climate Risk Platform, the most important datasets are at your fingertips: from 100yr flood hazards and 2ft NOAA sea level rise scenarios to 2016 demographic data, building footprints, school locations and more. We do the hard work of ensuring all data is connected in real-time (via API) or updated constantly.

Leveraging FEMA and HAZUS for Economic Loss Modeling

Communities across the U.S. develop hazard mitigation plans on a regular basis, and often FEMA’s Hazards-US (also known as HAZUS) program is used for gathering the data, developing the risk area, and running the analysis. Vizonomy’s cloud-based solution takes care of all of this, without the need of proprietary software, hours of data collection, and expertise in running the model. We include the “guts” of HAZUS’s economic model and apply it to our rich data library for the most accurate result.

Designing for all Users: Techies and Non-Techies

Our intent for Vizonomy’s Climate Risk Platform is to democratize resiliency building across all communities in the U.S. This includes making the solution affordable (as low as 4k/year) and designing the platform for all types of users. Navigate the platform with ease, and experience a software solution designed for government but with the look and feel of your smartphone app. This is how software should be designed, with usability, practicality and intent.