CARTO Partners with Vizonomy to Scale Location Intelligence Solutions

Jun 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Maps and location data are at the center of so many amazing app experiences, whether it’s showing flood risk for a community, sustainable development goals for a development agency, or foot traffic statistics for a marketing firm. Location is everywhere.

For retailers, managers, engineers and every kind of decision-maker, context is king, and applications today need to leverage location to deliver meaningful and insightful experiences for its users. In short, spreadsheets and static maps are no longer enough to remain competitive or tell an effective story.

As a data and design firm that has has helped build and power new solutions for all types of clients — from the United Nations and the World Wildlife Fund, to Pfizer, Li & Fung, and the District of Columbia — , we know too well that we’re just scratching the surface. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a *new* partnership that allows us to more quickly develop such world-class solutions, for any mobile, web, or virtual environment. Vizonomy has become CARTO’s Lead North America and United Kingdom partner.

Vizonomy and CARTO are developing customized location-based solutions that are beautiful, insightful and effective. Powered by CARTO and designed by Vizonomy, we are going beyond the typical out-of-the-box solution, with analytics, graphics, and other features that our varied clients demand.

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In only a few months, our partnership has produced the following:

  • The Global Partnership Dashboard for UNDP (see CARTO blog) which allows program managers to slice their data across multiple dimensions and quickly visualize those results through interactive graphics and maps.
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See it live:
  • AIDSVu and HepVu for the National Institute of Health displaying thousands of mapping permutations on new Hepatitis C infections, HIV testing centers and other vital statistics needed for finding spatial and temporal trends across the United States.
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See it live:
  • A global supply chain map of shipping vessels from logistics conglomerate Li & Fung. Displaying over 14 million points across 90 seconds, this dynamically-driven animation shows the power of CARTO to manage BIG spatial data.
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Location intelligence transcends every organization, business process, and annual goal. Through our partnership we offer you the tools, platform, and team necessary to maximize your resources and, in the end, help tell your story.

For more information or to work with us, email us at


Beautiful and Actionable Location Intelligence

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