Understanding Geographic Trends for Market Analysis

Location intelligence to detect spatial trends across pharmaceutical drug trials for a Fortune 100 Company.

Pharmaceuticals also need spatial intelligence. Our client needed to answer the following question: How many clinical studies are being conducted in each country and U.S state? Vizonomy developed a web-based tool that not only answered this question, but also allowed the client to see who led the study, review that person’s professional history, compare basic statistics across countries, and export the results to PDF and CSV. The result is an easy-to-use web interface used by our client’s thousand-plus workforce in offices worldwide.

Two versions of this application were built: the first using, Carto, for developing a quick prototype; while the second version, built on GeoServer, enabled Vizonomy to develop an on-premise solution inside our client’s corporate infrastructure. Both versions share the same capabilities; however, security and privacy concerns required any software solution to be contained within our client’s environment.

This project illustrates Vizonomy’s ability to prototype, build, and deploy web-based solutions across any market and inside any corporate environment.