Vizonomy and Resurgence Partner on Climate Resilience

Jun 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Three years ago, we started Vizonomy with a simple mission: to make climate resilience more achievable for cities large-and-small.

Location intelligence, data visualization, open source software, and spatial analytics quickly became the foundational pillars of ASTERRA, our then-new web-based climate resilience platform. While its value proposition to cities remained undeniable (it helps when your competitors offer the same service for 10x the cost!), something was lacking. An effective communication strategy. Still, we achieved great success, one that has led us to assist more than 16 cities — from Broward County in Florida to Alameda City in California — develop critical risk assessment plans, measure potential economic impact scenarios, and ultimately help city planners optimize how flood resilience measures are allocated.

We’ve done a lot in three years. But more needs to be done. To help achieve a truly effective solution that is both scalable and affordable, we’ve had to think beyond technology.

We learned that technology is only as good as its communication strategy. For this reason we’ve partnered with Resurgence, a climate resilience communication firm, that is helping our cities better use ASTERRA to integrate such insights into the hazard mitigation planning process or existing climate resilience strategy. We are working with climate resilience officers, urban planners, and flood risk managers to craft this strategy, regardless of the size, location, or make-up of the city.

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Resurgence and Vizonomy are also working closely with the World Bank in the publication of an open data and risk communication framework (see figure below) that goes beyond our typical mapping and data-driven solutions and embraces tv campaigns, sms notifications, and other mediums more commonly found in developing countries. In May, we presented our work at the World Bank’s Understanding Risk Forum in Mexico City, and we worked with representatives from throughout region craft tactical decisions for more effective policy planning.

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World Bank Risk Communication Framework developed by Resurgence and Vizonomy, Spring 2018
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Mark Harvey working with delegates to put our Design for Impact Framework into action at the 2018 @UnderstandRisk (World Bank) Forum in Mexico City

Our partnership with Resurgence is only the next step toward our goal of achieving universal urban resilience knowledge.

In the coming months we will launch Version 3 of ASTERRA (our climate resilience platform), expand into Europe & the U.K., and initiate a free pilot program for U.S. cities (with populations < 30,000 people).

For more information or to participate in the U.S. pilot, send us a note at


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