A message for our clients, partners, and friends.

13 March 2020.

Mar 13 · 2 min read

We’re writing to you today to offer reassurance, our support, and an update on what’s happening at Vizzuality now that the Coronavirus has arrived on our doorstep.

Our team is now fully remote. In response to the advice of the Spanish Government, our Spanish teammates are working from home. Our teammates in Portugal and the UK are too. Thankfully we have always supported remote working so our team is equipped and able to continue their great work no matter where they are.

As we transition into fully remote, some of our teammates may adjust their schedules to take care of children who cannot go to school at this time. We thank you for your patience if some of us don’t respond as quickly as normal or if meetings get interrupted by toddlers and cats. We’re looking forward to meeting your kids and pets too!

Over the next weeks and months, we intend to support our clients, partners, and friends in every way we can during these uncertain times. From adapting to any changes in your schedule, team capacity, or funding, we will work with you to ensure the important work we do together continues.

Above all, we are here for you and your team. If you need to chat, just let us know. If you need to laugh a little, ask to join our virtual happy hour. Together we are stronger!

The team at Vizzuality.

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