Big Apple data in bite-sized slices.

Next generation data dashboard helps NYC Mayor’s Office keep its finger on the city’s pulse.

New York City has always been ahead of the pack when it comes to music, fashion and art, but did you know that it’s also a champion and long-time leader in data management and civic innovation? Well, it is. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the New York City Mayor’s Office to develop the latest iteration of a data dashboard powered by CARTO and designed by Hyperakt that lets City Hall keep its finger on the city’s pulse.

A city that never sleeps needs real-time data to understand what’s going on and make timely, effective decisions. Pulling together data from a host of agencies, such as the New York Police Department and New York Housing Authority, the dashboard includes economic, environmental, social and political indicators. Using the dashboard, city employees can explore the data numerically, in charts, and in interactive maps to gain a deep understanding of what’s happening across the city.

Maps allow city employees to see what’s happening in each district and compare the data to the previous day, week, month or year

Talkin’ New York.

The data dashboard is an exceptional opportunity for New York City to bring together data from a wide variety of sources in a way that connects all the different departments, districts and boroughs. We knew from our experience of developing other platforms, such as PREP, that we could build something that would help people explore the data, see how it was all connected and identify priorities to act on.

Visualising data in charts and maps is a powerful way to manage increasingly complex data and bring it all together. It makes it easier for city employees to discover patterns, make comparisons to previous days, weeks, months or years, and identify short-term changes. The insights gained from exploring data this way can quickly be translated into action that saves the city both time and money, while providing a way to measure and improve how the city operates.

Right from the start we understood that being able to use the dashboard on a tablet was really important to the people who’d be using it. With this in mind, we made it fully responsive but also took the opportunity to make it incredibly easy for city employees to share their findings with other people straight from their mobile or tablet. All it takes is a simple press and hold on the screen.

Hyperakt’s intuitive design perfectly complements the dashboard’s responsive nature. At a glance, city employees can see what is happening across the city and zoom in on specific locations or periods of time. And, with its range of viewing options, each person can customise the dashboard so it’s set up perfectly for their day to day routine.

At a glance, city employees can see which indicators are below, on, or above target, and take action

We also made it easy to set up notifications: just pick an indicator and select to either receive an email every time the data updates or when it passes a set threshold. Simple. With these options, nothing important will get missed and action can be taken as soon as a change occurs. From Brooklyn to The Bronx, the city’s operations can be streamlined like never before.

Empire state of mind.

In this concrete jungle where dreams are made of data, there’s nothing we can’t do. New York City’s data dashboard is an unprecedented harnessing of data that will define the next iteration of modern government. With the lives and well-being of its residents at the heart of the operation, the dashboard is a fantastic example of data and cutting-edge technology being leveraged for robust and efficient governance. Ultimately, it’s the residents of New York City who stand to benefit from more efficient services, making life in the Big Apple even more delicious.

If your city could benefit from a dashboard like New York City’s, why don’t you get in touch and tell us about your city’s needs? We’d love to hear from you.

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