Visualising a world of CARE

Connecting people with the impact of their donations through data visualisation

There is no greater power than when millions of people come together behind a vision and act to change the world. For 70 years, CARE has been helping the world’s most vulnerable people. Founded in 1945, CARE Packages filled with food and supplies that provided immediate relief were distributed to the survivors of WWII. Today’s CARE Package delivers lasting change in the world’s poorest communities in ways that can’t be contained in a box.

We teamed up with CARE to reveal the wealth of generosity pouring out of the USA and beyond to support projects that change other people’s lives. From training that empowers women to start their own business, to support for children recovering from traumatic events like earthquakes, CARE is there when people need them most.

CARE helps people across the world to rebuild their lives and plan for the future

To celebrate 70 years of helping people in their hour of greatest need, CARE asked us to build an interactive web application that showcases a ‘World of Impact.’ We’ve really enjoyed working with them as it allowed us to explore the power of human generosity and what it can achieve.

The final product is a stunning visualisation that was made possible by CARE and vizzuality working together closely as one integrated team. We spent time with CARE and got to know their motivations, their image, and their plans for the future. For them, this project was as much a celebration of the organisation’s origins as it is about the impact of today’s monetary donations. That’s why the website has a cardboard-like background. It’s a subtle nod to the beginnings of the CARE Package.

Beautiful transitions reveal the far-reaching impact of donations made to CARE

For this project, CARE gave us a clear brand style guide and the freedom to create a new interpretation of it. We’ve expressed CARE’s personality by using their traditional colours, typography and tone but the creative freedom meant we could also create a new look and feel to reflect the evolution of the organisation. As CARE’s work continues to reach more people in more places, we felt it was really important that their visual style developed as well. People using World of Impact will still know it’s a CARE product, but they’ll also appreciate that it’s something new.

World of Impact packs a lot of information into one place. There’s a time-lapse visualisation of where donations are being made, as well as an interactive exploration of how many people in each region and country receive CARE’s help. To help people explore the data and dig in deeper, we’ve added an option to add filters too. It might sound a lot but trust us, take a look and you’ll be pleased at how easy it is to use.

You can animate donations over time and watch as the map is lit up by people’s generosity

One of the most exciting things about the project is that it’s a living record of the donations being made to CARE. When people donate they get the option to share their gift with the visualisation. This means that with each donation that’s given and shared, the visualisation will update. But, of course, we also want to make sure that private information is kept private. We made sure of this by grouping donations by cities rather than neighbourhoods or exact location. It’s impossible for donations to be linked to who made them unless they explicitly identify themselves. Sure, it feels good to donate but sometimes we don’t want to brag about it.

CARE is truly a world-changing organisation. And now, we can see it more clearly than ever before. The generous people who support CARE can see who benefits from their donations and share the success that CARE’s projects are achieving across the world. It’s been a privilege to work with such a dedicated team and we look forward to watching the continued impact of CARE’s work.

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