Smart Contract Audit Report

The scope of this audit was to analyze and document VLB’s token contract codebase for quality, security, and correctness.

Aside from small numerical discrepancies between the whitepaper and the code, the VLB Token is a compatible ERC-20 token with a few additions to make usage easier from the crowdsale contracts and for the bounty program.

The VLB Crowdsale contract is a stable, sane contract with good protections, and a sensible tranche system that closely matches the documented version available in the whitepaper.

The VLB Vault is a well written contract with no major issues, handling the state of the contract in a safe, sane manner, allowing for one of two branches to be executed at any time, ensuring that the vault state can not be changed between closed and refund enabled.

The Hosho team has been very pleased working with the VLB team, and their interest and eagerness to both comply with ERC-20 expectations, as well as adding good cleanup functions to the code.

It should be noted that this audit is not an endorsement of the reliability or effectiveness of the contract, merely an assessment of its logic and implementation.

Steven Lambert, 
Hosho Group

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