004: On a tangent…

Looking at the differences between vlogging and blogging, it has become obvious to me that overall they have the same level of difficulty to pull off successfully. It is also quite fascinating how they are similar in difficulty but are completely different. I am looking at vlogs and blogs in general. I understand there are a select few who can produce insane work in such a small amount of time.

For example if I want to fill 10 seconds with beautiful drone footage or a time-lapse, I cannot. The blogger has to describe everything so the reader can imagine being in your footsteps, feeling and seeing as you do. However when a professional writer gets behind the keyboard, it is far easier to get this effect. On the other hand to be able to make a successful drone shot takes weeks to months of skill let along the money needed to spend on a drone with substantial camera quality to do the landscape justice, but once you attain the skill, then it is also becomes far more trivial. I suppose the real question would be which one is harder to start off? Maybe another time.

I started off this comparison because I was going to make an argument about how blogging is more difficult but now I have realised they are kind of incomparable. Vlogging requires huge amounts of confidence, charisma, editing expertise and creativity. A completely different skill set. A blogger can have charisma, but can they be spontaneous? I think so, but it might be slightly harder. How does one describe spontaneity so it doesn’t sound like just another ‘thing’ that occurred in your day? (I feel as though these questions could be articles in themselves. Share your thoughts. Community spirit and all!). I could had added a lot more here but I thought it best to keep it brief.

What makes a good blogger would be someone who can project the highest quality image of themselves onto a page in words where there is no need for any media. The reader can deduce every detail and create an image of the writer in their minds similar to the protagonist in your favourite novel. I suppose this is the real benefit. Leaving everything to the imagination. I find that fascinating.

Anyway shall we be begin. Sorry for being abrupt but it is 10:10am and I must commence my revision.


When I finish my coffee, 80% of time there is one thing that happens. My french buddy Camille wakes up to his morning ritual ‘Les Trois C’. Café, Clop et … well maybe I should leave the last for you to deduce.


Finally getting food. First ‘meal’ of the day. I parenthesise meal as it is an overpriced panini from Costa which will inevitably not satisfy my grumbling stomach. Some progress was made on my lab but I have decided to abandon it for some actual revision of structures. Never thought structures was bad conceptually however I am 7/15 lectures in so I mean I am happy to retract that statement in about 3 days time.

My flatmate told me his professor, in charge of the bioengineering internship, was looking for someone to develop an app for them this summer. He said he thought of me and that I would be perfect for it. At first I was flattered, then I got nervous. I have never taken on paid work as a software engineer before and whether I had the expertise would be another story. Would it be using the data they collected to make 3d models on the phone as well as on their computers? Possibly. If so, I would be way in over my head. But imagine how cool that would be; projecting the data they got in 3d and they could share it over mobile. I have some ideas brewing already. My friend at the last hackathon was using a library which could display 3d visuals on the phone so that would be my first approach. There was a bigger issue. How would I manage to set up my company successfully over summer including development, marketing, design, if I had to synchronously develop another application? There is a pretty obvious solution to this. Only accepting if it is a freelance opportunity so I could focus on my company from as soon as I rise in the morning to roughly 7pm, then switch to bio app from 8pm -12pm. If I managed to successfully employ developers for my application then it would not be an issue. To be frank, I am going to be developing my app until Summer begins in June anyway so this could actually work out. I have a £700 deposit to slap down soon plus rent over summer 😩 so the extra cash could help.

That was a long paragraph, apologies if none of that was interesting to you folks. I feel like someone would expect a reward for reading that mess. Here’s a clip.


Last couple hours have been kind of weird. Just could not focus properly in the café and so I decided now would be a good time to get a haircut. Ha the dude thought the hair cut he gave me was quote, “different”. Different enough he took pictures of my head at every angle for his Instagram… I did not even get to see if he did me any justice. I honestly hated it. Looking at myself in the mirror at home reminded me of one person.

And this haircut actually does him justice.


Took at nap as I was not feeling motivated. Really bugging me now. I am not sure if it helped as I do not think of writing this blog as work so I will let you know once I have solved some more problems on the coding front. Revision has been abandoned for today.


Holy shit I actually managed it.What a productive coding session this has turned out to be. I firstly had to find out how to know which subview I was pressing so when I changed the textViewField I could grab the label as well. This would be my reference I would Then I had to find out how to update specific child’s in a key value pair within Firebase. Somehow I keep finding these lifesaving algorithms online which I admittedly could not implement myself. I then find the right place to put it and modify it so it works for my application. Honestly these last two days have been gentle to me. They problem I had with the database was each bubble I made was added to the child of a childbyautoid. This is randomly generated id. What I found impossible was that I needed to update a specific bubble whose parent was a specific id which I was unable to find. But what if instead of an id I just use the actual category name it makes it far easier to find. Heres a basic illustration.

I am quite glad as now I can move onto more interesting things such as animations using UIKit’s gravity and collision methods. Damn I might actually be able to release something relatively soon. Touch wood. Also here is the function that saved me and how I implemented it. I know a lot of force unwraps… It certainly requires cleaning up.

I think I earned some well deserved rest, enjoy the clip. À demain.