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Hands signing ASL, the abbreviation for American Sign Language

VMware is experimenting with different ways to help employees experience and learn about accessibility and disability inclusion. Last year, we introduced an American Sign Language (ASL) course to VMware employees and contractors.

Starting with the WHY

Why an ASL course? Well, it’s actually very simple. We want to integrate disability inclusion into everything we do. We want to teach our employees to build and design with accessibility in mind, foster an inclusive culture, and increase our diverse talent pipeline. We do our best to find creative ways to inspire disability inclusion.

We wanted VMware’s employees to not only read about or listen to content…

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When I was growing up, my father always said, “if you want to know who runs the show, ask an executive assistant.” He is rarely wrong.

An executive assistant (EA) is an administrative professional who supports an organization’s executives. They perform various office management duties, provide clerical support, and often handle tasks that directly affect their group’s success, such as setting up events.

VMware has almost 250 global individuals with the title “executive assistant.” …

It’s not enough to make products and marketing websites accessible. Organizations need to ensure that employee-facing tools accessible as well.

Person giving presentation in conference room with several diverse attendees with laptops

How many pieces of software do you use at your job?

Seems like a simple enough question. When the VMware accessibility team started investigating the answer, the number was much higher than we anticipated.

Most larger companies have “software catalogs” of pre-approved tools that are either automatically pre-installed on IT-provided laptop images or that can be downloaded on demand.

At VMware, this catalog is known as the Intelligent Hub. The VMware Workspace ONE® Intelligent Hub app offers a single destination where users can securely access, discover, and connect with corporate resources.

Our first inventory approximately two years ago determined that VMware IT had placed 285 distinct pieces of software in the…

This free ITI training, sponsored in part by VMware, will quickly teach learners how to read and author essential documentation on product accessibility.

Man wearing headphones with laptop in front of him with hands on refreshable Braille display

The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) is the premier global advocate for technology, representing the world’s most innovative companies. ITI promotes public policies and industry standards that advance competition and innovation worldwide.

One of the things that ITI produces is the ACR/VPAT template.

  • ACR is “Accessibility Conformance Report”
  • VPAT is “Voluntary Product Accessibility Template”

Are the terms ACR and VPAT interchangeable?

No. Before Section 508 harmonized with the WCAG standard, there was only the VPAT, and it was a standalone document. Since the harmonization, what used to be the standalone VPAT has been integrated into a larger report, the ACR. Hence, the use of the term ACR/VPAT.

What accessibility standards are included in an ACR/VPAT?

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