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VNT Monthly | VNT Chain Project Progress

This is the monthly report of VNT Chain in which you will find about the latest project updates, community news and development progress. It would be a great honor for us to share exciting news and build the ecology with you!

Project Updates

Proposed a smart contract vulnerability detection method combining graph neural network and expert knowledge

The VNT Chain joint laboratory team researched and proposed a smart contract vulnerability detection method combining graph neural network and expert knowledge. Aiming at various security vulnerabilities in smart contracts, especially typical reentrant vulnerabilities, timestamp dependency vulnerabilities, and infinite loop vulnerabilities, the graph neural network is used to extract the corresponding contract graph features, and the feedforward neural network is used to extract the expert rule features. A smart contract vulnerability detection method combining graph neural network and expert knowledge is proposed. Firstly, according to the control flow and data flow dependencies, we convert the smart contract source code into the form of a smart contract graph. The nodes in the contract graph represent key variables and function calls, and the directed timing edges represent the relationship between different nodes; Secondly, because the semantic information contained in different nodes in the contract graph is of different importance, and the graph structure generated by different contract source code is different, we further designed a node ablation method to standardize the smart contract graph, and then use the timing information transfer based The graph neural network extracts graph features; then, we design different expert rules for three different vulnerabilities, implement automatic extraction tools to extract them from the source code, and use the feedforward neural network to extract the expert features; finally, we use the smart contract graph Features and expert rule features are combined to give the final vulnerability detection result.

Added VNTChain -RPC-Gateway to digital wallet

For the JSON RPC from Metamask, VNT Chain-rpc-gateway adapts, requests the corresponding interface from VNT Chain, and then returns the response of VNT Chain to Metamask. This completes a normal JSON RPC process.

When Metamask customizes RPC, it will request the eth_chainId interface, but VNT Chain does not have this interface. This chainId will also be used when using Metamask to transfer funds. At present, there is no JSON RPC interface for obtaining chaiId in VNT Chain, so we directly use VNT Chain-rpc-gateway for remote calls from Metamask’s eth_chainId, and directly return it to the chainid used in VNT Chain (mainnet is 1 , The testnet is 2).

VNT Chain leader proposal is in progress

At the beginning of 2021, the VNT Chain leader proposal platform was released. The leader proposal release platform is divided into two parts: proposal and project establishment. Community users provide suggestions for the development of VNT Chain by initiating proposals around VNT Chain ecological development and technological development. In the proposal category, it is divided into 8 dimensions: core, product tools, research, ecological expansion, content, token economy, node governance, and others. Community users can choose different categories according to their proposal direction.

In March, the pilot platform received 8 proposals and 2 valid proposals, which are currently being publicized; in March, 2 projects were approved and are currently under development.

> New proposals in March:

  1. VNTChain smart contract self-service
  2. Increase the display of completed projects on the Navigator platform

> Projects approved in March:

  1. Add more countries’ phone number format for registration
  2. The leader platform adds automatic translation function

VNT leader proposal platform link:

Development Progress

Hubble Network (Public Chain)

  1. Completed formal smart contract security vulnerability detection test-reentrant security vulnerabilities
  2. Formal Smart Contract Security Vulnerability Detection Test-Infinite Loop Security Vulnerability — 65%
  3. Formal Smart Contract Security Vulnerability Detection Implementation-Timestamp depends on security vulnerabilities — 45%
  4. Completed the relevant tests for converting the source code of the smart contract into the form of a smart contract diagram
  5. Analyze the mechanism of Metamask custom RPC — 100%
  6. Implementation of Metamask custom RPC for VNT Chain — 100%
  7. Adaptation of the added function of Metamask token to realize the display of token balance — 100%
  8. Analysis of the mechanism by which Metamask obtains the VNT-based token balance — 100%
  9. Assisted in repairing the super node Zhao, the current block synchronization is normal, and the block generation rate is stable.

Other Development

  1. Fixed the issue that the browser information and plug-in wallet display are not synchronized
  2. Fixed the issue that the locked position information of community nodes is not displayed
  3. Fixed the issue that some servers are too slow.



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