A New Spin on a Familiar Sound

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Who Are They

Good Charlotte has been a band for an astounding 22 years now, and the Madden brothers — the twins at the core of the group — are a true example of starting from the bottom, now they here (without the help of a wildly popular tv show). Originating on the streets of DC, they found popularity early with the release of their self-titled debut, followed up by The Young and the Hopeless, which was flush with anthems for every flavor of angsty teen. Somewhere in the course of the next 15 years, they dropped four more albums, married two of Hollywood’s biggest babes, and acclimated to life on the west coast. With the release of Generation Rx after a years-long hiatus, they’re back to show that they never actually left; they’ve just been busy.

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My Take

I was at my friend Kelly’s house when I first heard Good Charlotte, her sister blasting their brand new debut album from their computer speakers. “What the fuck, the little things DO try to break me down,” my 11-year-old self thought. “And I AM a menace to society.” (I was not.) It was game over from there.

Falling in love with a band, especially one of the first times in your life, is very similar to any other first love. You don’t want to listen to or talk about anything else, and maybe you even go to school one day wearing a Good Charlotte t-shirt underneath your Good Charlotte sweatshirt (I definitely didn’t do that. Nope). I started taking guitar lessons just so I could learn how to play “Seasons,” thinking that would bring me closer to them. I even tracked down a copy of Not Another Teen Movie once I heard they were the band in the prom scene.

Cut to 18 years later and my first very favorite band is putting out another album, one they didn’t think would ever come, and one that immediately harkens back to the sound I fell in love with so many years ago. It’s still emo, it’s dark but in a more accessible way, and we’ve all grown up a little bit since then…but Generation Rx makes it feel like it’s okay if we haven’t.

Favorite Tracks

“Actual Pain”- This song was inspired by Lil Peep’s memorial service, who tthey were supposed to collaborate with before he passed away. You can probably guess how this one’s gonna make you feel.

“Prayers”- Good Charlotte is fed up with people sending their “thoughts and prayers” and so am I.

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