All Time Low Is For All The Times You Feel Low

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Liz Ayala
3 min readSep 25, 2018


Who are they?

All Time Low. Is there a band name that evokes as much pre-teen angst and giddy fan-girl elation as this one? Hard to say. These anthemic pop-punkers started making music when they were in high school in Towson, Maryland and quickly realized they had something special. Made up of Alex Gaskarth (lead vocalist), Jack Backarat (lead guitar), Zack Merrick (bass) and Rian Dawson, All Time Low has been serving hook-heavy soundtracks for young people with too many feelings for over a decade now.

After high school they decided to go all in with the group and started making music full-time. In 2006 they signed with Hopeless Records after some back and forth with a few other labels, and from there they started poppin’ out shameless emo-pop bops like nobody’s business. Nothing Personal is their third studio album and was a smash hit when it came out in 2009. Nine years later and All Time Low is still goin’ strong.

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My Take:

Not every band needs to do something groundbreaking to be beloved. With a band name like All Time Low, they’ve fully embraced this idea — which is probably how I’ve come to love them so much. Nothing Personal is that exact frequency of pop-punk that my pre-pubescent ears needed to hear to feel that simple, unabashed joy that stems from knowing every word to a song. I’m a little older now, and my musical pallet has changed a bit, but listening to this album again brought back the intensity of those feelings like no time had passed at all. That’s probably my favorite aspect of music: that it has this time-machine-esque ability to transport you back to a younger you. And for the people who are currently 13 and listening to this album, well, I salute you.

Favorite Tracks:

“Weightless”- This song will forever make me wince my eyes and bop my head. It’s just one of those instantly catchy songs.

“Stella”- Same deal. This song is catchy as shit.

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