Get Rowdy With Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

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Who are they?

Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears are a rowdy blues-rock band that formed in Austin, Texas back in 2007. Led by, you guessed it, Joe Lewis, their sound meets at the well-visited intersection of blues-y garage rock, soul and funk. Joe started playing guitar while working at a pawn shop in Tucson, Arizona, and from there became the skillful shredder that he is today.

These guys are SXSW vets at this point and continue releasing powerful, party-ready albums, all with a similar “I-don’t-care-I-just-wanna-dance” attitude to them. If you haven’t yet listened to Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, their 2017 album Backlash showcases their essence in 11 songs of hip-swinging, head-bangin’ glory.

You’ll Like If You Enjoy:

1. The Black Keys

2. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

3. Gary Clark Jr.

4. Alabama Shakes

My Take:

I like this album because sometimes all I wanna do is groove. I don’t wanna pay attention to the lyrics, I don’t wanna be inside my head, I just want to feel good. I can only really comprehend about 40% of the words in this album anyway, which truly doesn’t diminish my listening experience — if anything, it enhances it. You’ve got a big band with a brass section that’ll blow you away, endless guitar riffs, funky rhythms, and raspy, powerful vocals that tie it all together.

Favorite Tracks:

“Sexual Tension”- Title really explains what this song is about, and you don’t need to listen to the lyrics to feel that.

“Nature’s Natural”- I think this one has the most impressive instrumentation to it, from the brass section to the guitar riffs. All so good.

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