Jam Out With Your Clam Out

Members choose #shannonandtheclams to get “Sleep Talk” on a VNYL exclusive mint green variant

Bailey Moses
Oct 9, 2018 · 3 min read
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Who Are They

Shannon and the Clams have been one of the underground’s best kept secrets for almost a decade now. Although a recent collaboration with frontman Dan Auerbach on their new record has helped launch the band to new heights, they’ve mostly been a cherished cult favorite.

Hailing from Oakland, front woman and bassist Shannon Shaw didn’t really find her voice until she was 25 and heartbroken. After losing her job and having her boyfriend cheat on her, Shaw found an outlet in learning to play the bass and sing. She teamed up with college classmate and guitarist Cody Blanchard and The Clams were born.

Since then, the band has been touring the world and churning out the catchiest 50’s punk tunes you ever did hear.

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You’ll Like If You Enjoy

My Take

I always like to describe Shannon and the Clams as the lovechild of Danzig and Roy Orbison that was raised on nothing but John Waters films. Sleep Talk was one of the first albums that I heard by them and it absolutely blew my mind. I didn’t realize there could even BE such a perfect combination of catchy 50’s melodies and driving punk. They instantly became one of my favorite bands and inspired me to try blending more genres of music myself.

I think part of what makes Shannon and the Clams so great is that every song is instantly nostalgic. Shannon’s voice captures these bellowing low Etta James vibes that just make you want to weep and dance simultaneously. Every song feels like something you’ve heard before in another life. It’s like déjà vu man!

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Favorite Tracks

“You Will Always Bring Me Flowers”- This is just the sweetest, catchiest little tune about bringing your lover flowers. If there’s one thing The Clams do well, it’s make a catchy as hell melody.

“Sleep Talk”- This track is just the epitome of The Clams’ sound: some catchy 50’s guitar hooks with a hint of punk and this massive raspy voice belting on top.

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VNYL members can self-select #shannonandtheclams as 1 of their 3 vinyl records this month. .


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