A Record Dedicated To a Dog: It’s About Damn Time

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Jimmy McInnis
Sep 12, 2018 · 3 min read
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Who Is Jaws of Love?

Jaws Of Love. is Kelcey Ayer of Local Natives’ solo project. After serving as pianist, vocalist, and primary songwriter for the successful indie rock band, Ayer has branched out and slowed things down in his sorrowful album Tasha Sits Close To The Piano. Though there are few similarities between his past band and the new project, his swoon-worthy voice and beautiful lyrics have remained unwavering.

Kelcey Ayer started working on his solo album at the same time that he and Local Natives were finishing up their third album. It’s clear that he allowed for his emotional vulnerability to be the guiding force of the album, which might be why it sounds so different than the music he wrote in collaboration with Local Natives. Regardless, we are thrilled he decided to branch out and switch it up.

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My Take

Jaws of Love. has the heart-wrenching earnestness of a Sufjan Stevens record with the grand and anthemic power of a band like The War on Drugs. This album is dedicated to his dog, Tasha, and you can feel the tender and emotional connection between him and his pupper throughout the entire listening experience. This is the perfect album to get your feels out while petting your furry friend.

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Favorite Tracks

“Jaws of Love.”: The titular track sets the tone of the album with a chilling and somber introduction, as piano notes and vocal oohs gently lull the listener until the pulsating drums come in to snap the listener out of their ethereal state and back to reality. This song finds a way to bring about complete tranquility while still gripping your attention the entire way throughout.

“Love Me Like I’m Gone”: A deep cut 7 tracks into the album feels like the classic acoustic ballad you can never seem to get enough of. Ayer digs deep into his emotions, and we are left feeling empty in his wake.

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