Let the Happy Fits Soundtrack Your Next Indie RomCom

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Who are they?

The Happy Fits are made up of 3 boys from New Jersey who’ve cultivated their own unique sound by fusing straightforward guitar rock with alt-folk music. Happy Fits is the most appropriate name I can think of for the group because each tune sounds like… can you take a guess? Yeah, each song sounds like a happy-fit. It’s all too accurate. I mean, a meaning of the word “fit” is “a sudden uncontrollable outbreak of intense emotion;” the dirty guitar and punchy drums bring this to life perfectly.

The Happy Fits are an energetic and ambitious trio of guys, who can’t be much older than the average college student. The group was initially started with high school rivals turned buddies, Calvin Langman and Ross Monteith. The two started covering songs with Langman on cello and Monteith on guitar, but then a painful break-up sparked some songwriting inspiration…as break-ups tend to do. The two later brought on Luke Davis for the drums, and thus the Happy Fits were born sometime in 2016. Monteith and Davis tend to share the backing vocals while Langman’s vocals are held front and center. The use of the cello instead of the standard electric bass adds to the unique nature of the band and makes them that much more damn likable. These guys have personality and pure talent nearly bursting at the seams, but there’s a familiar quality about them that makes it feel like you could’ve been friends with the three in your own hometown.

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My Take…

The Happy Fits so seamlessly switch between alt-folk and sunny guitar rock that each song holds something a little different. The result of the two worlds coming together is shown clearly in their ambitious, self-assured debut Concentrate. Oh, it’s pure indie rock gold. It’s punchy, bright and radio-playable with Langman’s cello shredding bringing something fresh to the record that probably wouldn’t have been achievable with the typical bass. The Happy Fits are an indie band that are obviously talented but there’s a playfulness behind the bouncy instrumentals that makes the band endearing like indie greats Young the Giant and Vampire Weekend.

The lyrics are cleverly crafted, with Langman kind of playing the part of sensitive “boy-next-door” Joseph Gordon-Levitt type in the track “So Alright, Cool, Whatever” but then he’s angry, biting, and embodying Jack White for a moment in “Mary.” This record would sound best in a quirky indie romcom (think “500 Days of Summer”) or onstage at Outside Lands.

Favorite Tracks:

“Best Tears”: The best example of the effortless, bouncy indie gold.

“Mary”: This one gives me major White Stripes’ “Icky Thump” vibes.

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