Move Your Head, Shoulders, and Knees to Toe

Members choose #toe to receive their impressive and diverse album “Hear You” on grey vinyl with a gatefold jacket design

Who are they?

Those who know toe, know toe. The Japanese math rock band is highly respected among a vast array of music scenes and have proven themselves to be one of the premier forces of genre-bending, shred-heavy post-rock. Toe manages to combine all the best aspects of instrumental rock and incorporates them into a variety of different genres, making for a truly diverse and rich listening experience. Toe has forever exemplified their ability to shred on their instruments as well as implemented clever songwriting techniques within their music making for some extremely tasteful post-rock. It’s easy to see why Toe has such a strong hype surrounding them, their music is genuine and their immense talent is apparent after just one listen.

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My Take

The first time I heard toe I was instantly blown away by their objectively impressive musicianship. Each member of the band contributes a myriad of ideas and creative aspects to every song. To see how the members of the band play off each others’ ideas and come together to ultimately create focused, concise 4 minute post-rock masterpieces is nothing short of fantastic. The amount of variety within this album is definitely something to be greatly appreciated as well. The band touches on a wide array of genres including jazz, hip-hop, twinkle, and pop all while maintaining their signature sound. Hear You is one of the most impressive math rock albums I’ve heard for this reason alone; the amount of diversity is truly awe-inspiring.

Favorite Tracks

“My little wish”- the combination of hypnotic guitar leads and intricate drum beats gets me. Trust me, this is a track that would satisfy any math rock elitist.

“Song Silly”- This one’s a lead single from the album and for good reason. The mixture of hip hop feels and emotional guitar leads proves to be a fantastic blend. There’s some heavy Wugazi vibes from this one.

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