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Members choose #korine to receive their brand new debut LP “New Arrangements” on vinyl

Liz Ayala
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3 min readOct 22, 2018


Who Are They?

Aww the 80’s, a time period people often long to relive or wished they had experienced firsthand. I mean come on, teased hair, loud makeup, acid wash denim, but most importantly the muuusssiic (singing). The 80’s gave birth to many different styles of music, but a very important style was NEW WAVE. The bands that fall under this category have become household names such as New Order or The Cure. For those of us who didn’t live it there is no need to worry or wish. We now have a new wave band to call our own. Korine’s New Arrangements is the 80’s tribute record you’ve been waiting for! Korine is a duo from Philly that are creating a dark wave, synth-based dance electronica all their own. This record is not going to be released till Halloween, which is quite perfect. Its dark synths are sure to set the mood for your night.

Korine’s band members consist of Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye. They met in 2015 while they were working together at a cafe. In the beginning Frye had just been producing the Korine album; the two had their own side projects before deciding to joining as one. The struggles of working with other people before had left the two a little skeptical but there was something that clicked between them.Their first track released together was “Corsage” in 2017. They worked consistently writing and producing their album New Arrangements within four months. The two plan to grow musically and are said to be fully experienced live. They are definitely someone that’s on my list. Come to LA!

You’ll Like If You Enjoy:

-New Order

- Joy Division

- The Cure

- Depeche Mode

- The Smiths

My Take:

I have to admit I am one of those kids that wishes they lived in the 80’s; not just for the fashion but because of the music. I am also an avid frequenter of bars’ Morrissey Nights and Holy Trinity Nights (The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode). So when I was first presented with this record, naturally from the first song on the album I was a fan. This record made me feel as though I went through a time machine. You could play this record at an 80’s or Holy Trinity night and I guarantee the crowd would love it. I found myself wanting to dance to almost every song. I am also a huge fan of music with synths in it and Korine satisfied my craving. The album cover alone reminded me of something New Order would do. It also reminded me of the flowers Morrissey would carry around with him while on stage. It sets the tone for the album. The title was also significant to me because it is clear the duo have a new wave influence. I wondered if the title New Arrangements is them paying homage to those influences while still making it all their own.

Top Tracks:

“Captive”: This is the first track on the album for a reason. It draws you in right from the beginning and it made me more intrigued to listen to the rest of the album.

“Sweet Misery”: I feel this song could be the closing song in an 80’s movie. You know, the part where Molly Ringwald gets the guy.

“Feel The Pain”: I liked the title of this rack, feel the pain and dance baby. The synths!

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