Not All Who Sonder Are Lost

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Who Are They?

The funny thing about Sonder is that most of their fans don’t even know who they are. The semi-mysterious LA-by-way-of Maryland and Houston trio initially linked up through the internet (where else?). After dropping a few mixes on Soundcloud in 2016, their debut single “Too Fast” slow-burned its way into the hearts of the underground R&B scene. A year and a half after its release, it soundtracked the season 2 trailer of Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” (which premiered during the Golden Globes, NBD). The trio had played a handful of sold out shows behind their debut project Into, singer Brent Faiyaz had dropped a critically-acclaimed solo debut (the phenomenal Sonder Son), and even been Grammy-nominated for his hook on DC rapper Goldlink’s smash “Crew.”

So why the fuck aren’t more people talking about Sonder? It’s not for lack of material — sure, we only have a full 7-song project and a few stragglers from them as of now, but they’re all *solid.* Hell, “Too Fast” even samples a Timbaland-produced Ginuwine track, and it has a whopping 18 million plays on Spotify. And yet, it’s astonishing the amount of people who don’t realize that Sonder is in fact fronted by 22-year-old Brent Faiyaz. The only logical conclusion I’ve come to is…actually, none. So wake the fuck up and hop on the Sonder train.

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  5. Daniel Caesar

My Take

The first song I heard by Sonder was “Too Fast,” and it’s one of those songs that stops time when it kicks in. It’s more than the juxtaposition of the sultry-slow beat with the fast-moving concept. It’s more than the earth-rattling bass line that cements your attention. It’s more than Faiyaz’s haunting yet silky vocals that drip and echo in all the right places.

It came on through my Release Radar one Thursday night and I still remember my body freezing mid-motion, abandoning whatever I was reaching for and snatching my phone to see who the hell was playing. We’re coming up on the two year mark of its release and it’s still immediately timeless, accompanied by a similarly captivating body of work on Into. Brent Faiyaz was 20 (t-w-e-n-t-y) years old when they dropped “Too Fast.” These guys are just getting started so buckle your ass up; ain’t no such thing as too fast. I have a feeling we’re in for a long and deeply satisfying ride with Sonder.

Favorite Tracks

“Too Fast” — I could say more, but I won’t. Just turn it up.

“Lovely” — This song proves that Brent Faiyaz’s falsetto should be illegal. That is all.

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