“Rare Feeling” is a Transcendent Experience That’ll Folk You Right Up

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Who are they?

Twain is the sweetest croonin’ folk band you have yet to hear. Lead by a bearded and mystical songwriter Mt. Davidson, along with help from Ken Woodward on bass and and Peter Pezzimenti on drums and keyboard, they have crafted a sound so romantic and utterly honed in on the subtleties of love, life, and loss that it feels like something everyone should listen to.

Mt. Davidson has been writing and self-recording songs under the guise of Twain since the mid-2000s. He’s been in bands such as The Low Anthem, The Deslondes, and Spirit Family Reunion. He has self-released a few EPs and one LP, all of which contain that same bare-bones type of beauty that is all too easy to overlook in the age of computers and synthesizers. Rare Feeling is Twain’s first-ever release under a label, Keeled Scales, and it’s fair to say that it is the most complete and satisfying album from him yet.

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My Take:

Mt. Davidson aka Twain draws out his tender voice and reaches into every nook and cranny of a broken heart. Or a confused heart. Or a lonely heart. Any heart really- the lyrics are universal. These songs are able to access a part of my mind that I’ve been out of touch with for awhile now. A part that is ironically able to see both the beauty in the intricacies of life, as well as the bigger picture. “Life doesn’t last long for those of us who hate it, but for those of us who love it, it lingers on like a dream.” Slow down. Think about the people you love. Write them a letter maybe. The world is much bigger than we are able to give it credit.

If it’s possible to fall in love with someone only by hearing the sound of their voice, consider me head over heels. Lock me up in a cabin with nothing but the bare essentials and this record, and you might never get me to leave. Rare Feeling has truly filled a hole in my heart that I didn’t realize was there. Please, promise me you’ll listen.

Favorite Tracks:

“Little Dog Mind”- This song is so goddamn satisfying to me. It is earth-shatteringly good. He soars over the moon with his voice and comes back again and it leaves me in pieces.

“Hank + Georgia”- Maybe some of my favorite lyricism in this one. He croons: “You’re going to have to learn to love the part of yourself you’ve hated for so long.” Please don’t wake me from the dream that is this record.

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