S’only Natural to Get Excited About the Return of Hellogoodbye

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Who Are They?

Hellogoodbye splashed onto the scene about 15 years ago with a self-titled EP brimming with delightfully obnoxious yet tender synth-pop. Their entire brand seemed to be the internet embodied, and it worked — from their sound to their subject matter to their OMG HGB DVD ROTFL release, they somehow managed to capture the aesthetic of the early 2000s culture and put it on a CD. The California-based group has been making music since then, slowly but surely. Fronted by Forrest Kline, S’only Natural is their fifth release in nearly 15 years of being a band, and their first full length in 5 years. And my god was it worth the wait.

You’ll Like If You Enjoy

  1. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
  2. Paramore
  3. DNCE
  4. Earth, Wind & Fire
  5. Chromeo

My Take

As hard as I try not to be, I’m a romantic. Forrest Kline is very much a romantic too, and I think that’s what struck me so hard back when I was a confused goth-Delia’s teenager and Hellogoodbye was just a bunch of weirdos on a beach singing about the perils of being young. Now that we’ve all grown up (or at least gotten better at pretending), so has their sound. S’only Natural has lost any hints of that synth edge HGB once had, and is instead a gorgeous rumination on loving and living in the now. Part disco, part funk, and still full of expertly-crafted unsuspecting string arrangements, S’only Natural offers up moments for grooving and pondering all the same. Already Heard called it “the sexual groove of a funk odyssey” and I honestly couldn’t have put it better myself. This world is a dumpster fire that only gets hotter every day (literally, because global warming is real, look it up), but at least S’only Natural is making our demise sound great on the way down.

Favorite Tracks

“S’only Natural” — I’m a sucker for a sick bass line and this is one that even Vulfpeck would be (and will be) jealous of. Add a trumpet in there? Game: blouses.

“Hang Loose” — This song is the antidote to an anxiety attack. The beat itself is so quiet and calming and Forrest is nearly whispering, but when he coos “Darling you don’t know a thing / until its hurt you,” his conviction is undeniable.

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