Step Into a Literal Cloud with Raveena’s “Shanti”

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Who Is She?

Honestly, I’m not sure how to describe Raveena to those who haven’t listened yet. I’m convinced she’s some sort of mystical fairy queen. In her music and in person, she exudes an immediate sense of comfort; a blanket of peace overtaking you just from hearing her airy, blissful voice. The Indian-American singer has been dropping silky, Sade-like tracks for a few years now, but it seems like the rocky state of the world is ushering in the perfect time for her to properly reign. Since she started making music, it has always been a driving facet of Raveena’s to empower other women and encourage self love. It’s almost like she knew the reckoning of 2018 was coming and she wanted to make sure we had a dreamy soundtrack to go along with it. Bow down bitches indeed.

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My Take

Let me lay the groundwork here. I *love* rap. The grittier the better. I’ve been moonlighting as Feminem for almost 10 years now. “What’s Your Fantasy” is my karaoke song. But as this world has gotten darker and darker I’ve found myself gravitating towards much more soothing music — and that’s exactly what Raveena brings to the table. And it’s a table I’m so fucking happy to be sitting at.

Even if the beats weren’t as cloud-nine as they are, her vocals just drip with a subtle joy. She hints at hardships throughout her lyrics but you’d never know it from her voice alone. Throughout Shanti, each song sounds like the first warm summer day in awhile. It’s hard not to envision endless fields of green against a pure blue sky, glittering butterflies weaving in and out of the tall grass to the sweet tune of Raveena. Her delivery is dainty but her message is heavy. Throughout all the darkness there is always light and love, and thank god we have Raveena to guide us through it.

Favorite Tracks

“If Only” — She lands a sucker punch on the first track, singing “I sleep better at night without you around” to deliver the most elegant burn of 2018.

“I Won’t Mind” — Her voice is just satin embodied and it’s never more apparent than it is on this track, naked on top of not much more than a piano. Yes queen.

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