Step Out of Reality With Simian Mobile Disco

Members choose #simianmobiledisco to get their newest album “Murmurations” on vinyl

Who Are They?

Starting off as an English electronica rock band in Manchester, their first name was plainly “Simian.” The band was formed by Simon William Lord, Alex MacNaghten, Jas Anthony Shaw, and James Ellis Ford in the year 2000 while they were studying at Manchester University. In 2003, two of the band members (James Shaw and James Ford) started an electronic music duo known as Simian Mobile Disco. Two years later, Simian broke up and Simian Mobile Disco flourished due to a remix of Simian’s song “Never Be Alone.” This song went on to win the award for best video at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards alongside nominee Kanye West. Following that idea of remixing, Simian Mobile Disco hit the ground running as they toured the states and helped produce bands such as Klaxons and Arctic Monkeys. In their latest album, Murmurations, they featured The Deep Throat Choir in nearly half of the tracks. Band member James Shaw even said “Listening to them moving their voices around a tone, altering the timbre, making chords, was like working with an incredible new synthesizer.”

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My Take:

The music in Simian Mobile Disco’s Murmurations reminds me a lot of the ocean in the way a majority of the tracks use the swelling voices of The Deep Throat Choir. The album is absolutely hypnotizing (in a good way.) You get lost in the harmonic voices that somewhat contradict the synthesizers and electronics in the forefront. I listen to it with a multi-speaker stereo system to fully put me in the trance of the repetitive voices. This album is like being on LSD but without the commitment! Do yourself a favor and listen to Murmurations- it’ll let you step out of reality and take a glance at what does not seem to be.

Favorite Tracks:

“Caught in a Wave” As the title suggests, this song traps your body under the swells and crashes of an unforgiving surf.

“Hey Sister” This song puts you in the middle of a ritual, deep in the forest.

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