The Used Get Vulnerable

Members choose #theused to get their 2012 album “Vulnerable” from VNYL

Who Are They?

The Used was always one of my favorite bands as a kid —seeing them live for the first time at Taste of Chaos 2007 and hearing them debut “Pretty Handsome Awkward” was like a dream come true for 13-year-old me. Hailing from Orem, Utah, they’re essential for both those who grew up in the early 2000s and those who didn’t. Since their 2002 self-titled debut, The Used have been at the forefront of the emo scene and are regularly featured in every event hosted by Emo Night. After 7 albums, The Used shows no signs of slowing down.

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My Take

Not ones for resting on their laurels, The Used sought to incorporate a wider array of influences in the making of Vulnerable, resulting in an album that both retains what makes The Used who they are and presents something entirely new. There are definitely moments in this album where it sounds like The Used are returning to their roots, while, at other times, it sounds like a completely new band. This album is a big step forward in the evolution of The Used’s sound as it showcases their willingness to venture outside their comfort zone and push themselves into unknown territories.

Favorite Songs:

“Now That You’re Dead”: Among the heavier songs on this album, “Now That You’re Dead” is reminiscent of The Used’s older material (In Love And Death and Lies For The Liars in particular) while still sounding fresh and jam-packed with energy.

“Put Me Out”: Another jam that sounds like classic The Used, this song is chock full of catchy hooks, crunchy riffs, and tight drums. This one’ll definitely get you singing along with it after only a couple of listens.

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